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Krispy Kreme Owners Find Nazis & Slave Ownership Ties In Family History

It’s not often a brand admits to owning slaves and having Nazi ancestors, but Krispy Kreme just came out and openly spoke about it.

Krispy Kreme is operated under JAB Holding company, a German entity owned by the Reimann family, whom just learned of these atrocities.

A Reimann family spokesperson said that both Albert Reimann Jr. and Sr. used French and Russian prisoners as slaves in Germany during World War II, according to CNN.

Interestingly enough, the Reimann family is the one who set forth the investigation to actually uncover this part of their history.

As a result of  the investigation, they found that the elder Reimanns donated to Adolf Hitler’s paramilitary force in 1931.

While not pleased with this history, the Reimann family will be writing a book about it, so at least they’ll be able to take advantage of this less than savory situation. JAB will also be donating about $11.3 million to an undisclosed charity.

So whenever that book comes out, we’ll learn a lot more about the Krispy Kreme family’s ties to Nazi history.

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Neo-Nazis Claim Papa John’s Is The ‘Official Pizza Of Aryan Race’, Papa’s Not Having It


Papa John’s made some waves recently when he blamed his declining sales on the NFL’s inability to properly handle the National Anthem protests.

After those statements, a popular neo-Nazi web site proudly proclaimed Papa John’s the “Official pizza of the Aryan master race.”

The big papa was not too pleased about it, and a PR rep actually made a statement to the Courier Journal,  as they were not about to let the company be linked to the race-intolerant site, saying:

“We condemn racism in all forms and any and all hate groups that support it. We do not want these individuals or groups to buy our pizza.”

None of what Papa John’s has done over the last week has helped its stock much, as it has dropped almost 9 points since the start of November.

The pizza chain probably didn’t want to involve itself in a political battle, but it’s right in the middle of one. That may be the cause of the sales drop, or maybe more people are realizing that Papa John’s just isn’t that good.

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Did A Nazi Billionaire Create the Gummy Bear?


In 2013, the candy world mourned the death of Hans Riegel Jr., a scion of the German-born entrepreneurial family behind the ubiquitously edible Haribo Gummi Bears. En route to a multi-billion dollar fortune, the Riegels made these munchies the most delicious, yet problematic, snacks in the game. 

German candy kaiser Hans Riegel Sr. of Bonn, Germany founded Haribo (an acronym for Hans Riegel, Bonn) in 1920. A trained confectioner, he started his own really small business. Riegel invented the gummy bear in 1922—inspired by dancing circus bears—and soon the candy became popular with the likes of Alfred Einstein and an exiled Kaiser Wilhelm II. The latter monarch dubbed them “the best thing to come out of the Weimar Republic,” the democratic German government formed in his home country after he was exiled.

fktvtqsuglhe2rwwzumxJustin Bieber and his Haribo gummies. (Coolspotters)

During World War II, though, the Riegels became a bit suspect. Their business suffered, Riegel Sr.’s sons were prisoners of war, and employees were few and far between. But when the German government rallied many prominent businesses to compensate the hundreds of thousands forced into labor during the war, but Haribo didn’t join in the effort. As a result, it’s been speculated the Riegels used forced labor to keep the business afloat. Time reported in 2000, “Haribo, makers of the jelly bear candy sold around the world, was named in the German parliament as having used forced labor, a charge it denies.”

After Riegel Sr. died in 1945, his two sons built the company up to unprecedented heights. Since the 1980s, they’ve dominated Americans’ sweet teeth, boasting fans worldwide. Despite its success, though, in recent years, Haribo also sold racist candy.

Written by Carly Silver, HistoryBuff


Holocaust Beer Pong Exists — Yes, Really


A picture showed up on reddit yesterday that looks awfully familiar, and not just because it’s a repost. Here’s a hint: it pits Nazis vs. Jews in a violent free for all in which Jews are at a clear disadvantage and even the winners end up losing in one way or another.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Holocaust-Themed Beer Pong is an actual thing, and not only that, it’s apparently pretty popular.

For anyone who doesn’t feel like squinting, here are the rules: 

Its called Jews vs the Nazis. Its 3-on-3, 30 cups per team. The Nazis shape their 30 cups into a swastika, and the Jews set up their 30 cups as the Star of David. The cups are re-racked to a smaller swastika and a smaller star when 18 cups remain on either team. The Nazis start the game off with ‘blitzkreig,’ and each player on the Nazis shoots until they miss, but this is only allowed for the first volley. The Jews have the ‘Anne Frank Cup,’ and this ability allows them to pick any one of their cups and hide it anywhere in the room, but it has to be shootable, obviously. The Jews can only do that once per game and can be used only during their turn. To equalize this slight advantage, the Nazis also have another ability called ‘Auschwitz’ (or ‘Concentration Camp’ if you don’t know what that means). With this ability the Nazis can pick any player on the Jews team and they have to sit out of the game until the other two players on the Jews team each make a cup. After that happens the 3rd person on the Jews team can play again. Also, throughout the game you are supposed to talk alot of shit and say as many racist things as possible to make it more enjoyable.

My Jewish friends actually love this game haha.

Comments on the reddit thread have been either brilliantly farcical or overwhelmingly positive, with some redditors even offering their own twists on the game, including something called “Vietnam War.” 

‘Anne frank cup’ yeah that’s when i started laughing”




Now do one for the pacific theater. I’m not sure how the basic rules would work, but it should be played in a pool, and at the end the American side gets to throw a bowling ball (or two) at the Japanese side.”


Did you just say ALCOHOLOCAUST!?”



High-larious genocide puns aside however, we wanted to ask what you guys thought of this whole thing. Harmlessly historical, or horribly inappropriate? Sound off in the comments!

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