Wendy’s: New Natural-Cut Sea Salt Fries National Launch

Straight out of Dublin, Ohio, today marks the announcement that the Wendy’s chain will be launching a complete redesign of their classic fries; the first time in its 41-year history. The redesign seems to come as a comparable move to other notable burger chains making a move to more “natural” fry offerings.

The new fries are noted to be natural cut, with an enhanced potato flavor and texture, feturing “skin-on” cut and seasoned with sea salt. The fries are 100% made from Russet potatoes, sliced “natural-style” with the skin on and cooked in proprietary oil that has 0 grams trans fat per serving. Wendt’s new natural-cut fries will be priced the same as their current French Fry offerings and will be available in the same four servings sizes. We should see the introduction of these new fries nationwide tomorrow, November 11th, with all other restaurants expected to start serving the new fries by the end of next week. (VIA Wendy’sArby’sGroup/PICTHX GrubGrade)