A Beautiful List Of People That Look Like Donuts


Being called a “donut” is not normally the most flattering thing, but this wacky series makes it visual. Ad agency Bruton Stroube teamed up with Strange Donuts to create a series of human/donut doppelgangers that are truly ridiculous. Now you have a whole new tasty way to judge people on their looks.

The series was created as a teaser/invite for The Marlin Network breakfast event at the National Restaurant Association’s annual food show. We’re not sure, but we’re guessing donuts were on the menu. See more about these Donut Doubles including a motion piece on Behance.






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Krispy Kreme Giving Away Free Donuts on June 6th


Who: Krispy Kreme

What: One free donut of any variety

Where: At participating locations in the US and Canada, not including Connecticut and Puerto Rico.

When: National Donut Day, Friday, June 6, 2014

Picthx Krispy Kreme


Cute Donutology Infographic Illustrates What Your Favorite Donut Says About You


Here’s the thing about Friday night internet content – even though you know it’ll probably be super-fluffy and yes, maybe even bad for you, for some reason, you just can’t stay away. (See what I did there?)

Earlier this week, we brought you “What Your Style of Eggs Says About You,” but in honor of National Donut Day, we’ve got something a little sweeter to lead you into the weekend: Donutology (donut + “astrology”). Yes, it’s corny. Yes, it’s completely unfounded, but it’s also harmless fun. At least, as long as you’re okay with twisting your neck around or remember to turn off your auto-rotate.

For those who aren’t or who don’t, here’s a quick primer: Jelly donutters melt at the sight of kittens. Coconuts can be a little flaky. And watch out for churro lovers, unless you want to find yourself eating a mouthful of double-dipper spit. Goodness knows how we should feel about cruller people. I mean, they’re not called “nicers.”

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Gratuitous Food Porn: National Donut Day Edition


It doesn’t take much to make donuts look good. From plain cinnamon sugar to glazed strawberry shortcakes, each delicious ring of deep fried dough we’re featuring for National Donut Day is a veritable work of art. So put down that awful grocery-bought sad excuse for a Bear Claw and indulge with these masterpieces. C’mon, if you’re going to blow your diet, at least do it right.


Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut Muffins


Recipe: Averie Cooks


Jelly Donut Holes


Recipe: Diet Hood


Glazed Donut Strawberry Shortcake


Recipe: Oven Adventures


Baked Tim Tam Donut


Recipe: Fuss Free Cooking


Avocado Donut


Recipe: Pure2Raw


Strawberry Margarita Cream-Filled Donut


Recipe: Half Baked Harvest


Bunny Foo Foo Raspberry Donuts


Recipe: Gluten Free Canteen


Mini-Blueberry Streusel Donuts


Recipe: Pass the Sushi


Baked Peanut Butter and Nutella Donuts


Recipe: Overtime Cook


Pumpkin Buttermilk Donuts with Butterscotch Frosting


Recipe: Prevention RD


Cheese Mini-Donuts


Recipe: La Receta de la Felicidad


Baked Toasted Coconut Donuts


Recipe: Prevention RD


Mini Churro Donuts with Homemade Dulce de Leche


Recipe: The Sweet Chick


Baked Gingerbread Mini Donuts


Recipe: A Pinch of Yum


Maple Bacon Donuts


Recipe: Cherry Tea Cakes


Pina Colada Donuts


Recipe: Cherry Tea Cakes


Baked Margarita Donuts


Recipe: Margaritas in the Rain


Apple Fritter Donuts


Recipe: Cook Republic


Baked Coconut Donuts with Chocolate Almond Glaze


Recipe: Margaritas in the Rain


Brown Sugar Maple Pecan Donuts


Recipe: Monday Morning Donut


Vanilla Bean Bismarcks


Recipe: Monday Morning Donut


Samoa Donuts


Recipe: Urban Poser




Recipe: Tracey’s Culinary Adventures


H/T Tasteologie, Tastespotting


Tasty Doughnut Facts Even a Cop Wouldn’t Know [INFOGRAPHIC]


I woke up this morning to the following frantic, albeit delightful, text message from my best friend: “FREE DONUTS AT KRISPY KREME. I AM CURRENTLY STUFFING MY PIE HOLE WITH MOUNDS OF FROSTED CALORIFFICNESS.”

Boy, I’m already way ahead of you.

In case you’re lost in a temporary state of befuddlement, here’s a quick FYI — it’s National Donut Day today. No, the internet didn’t just decide to bring out their inner fat kid this morning for funsies. Rather, America is celebrating their die-hard obsession with fried bits of sugared glory.

In light of this, the folks over at that dusty text book of names and addresses WhitePages have thrown together an infographic detailing this country’s love for donuts. Apparently, 10 people  in the US bear the name Doughnut or Donut, while Boston holds the record for most donut shops per person (1 donut shop for every 2480 people).

So grab a cup of coffee and a pink box of every donut flavor under the sun while you peruse through this tasty infographic.



Krispy Kreme Offers Free Donuts for National Donut Day


In case you haven’t heard: It’s National Donut Day today. To celebrate, Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut at any of its participating locations in the US and Canada. There’s no purchase necessary and guests can choose donuts of any variety.

I recommend stopping everything you’re doing immediately and heading there now. FREE DONUTS, for goodness sake.

If you’re still reading (ugh, no one ever listens to me), lets take this moment to appreciate dear ol’ America. Where else in the world can you revel in a day dedicated to feasting on glazed bits of fried cake?



Head over here to find a participating Krispy Kreme near you.

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IHOP Celebrates 55th Birthday with Jelly Donut & Tiramisu Pancakes


I suppose that this is what heaven looks like: Fluffy pancakes filled with an inordinate amount of chocolate, jelly and everything else that’s good in the world. That, or National Donut Day just happens fall on IHOP’s 55th anniversary (June 7th), which no doubt led the restaurant chain to the logical conclusion of breakfast + donut pancakes. Hey, we ain’t complaining.

“We’ve decided to kick off the summer season . . . by doing what we do best:  bringing our guests three brand new signature pancakes in flavors that are fun, unexpected and most of all, absolutely delicious!” raves Natalia Franco, the company’s Senior VP of Marketing.

The new items include Jelly Donut, Tiramisu and Banana Graham Nut Pancakes available now until July 21st and starting at $4.99. Peep the glorious stacks of food porn below:


Jelly Donut Pancakes – filled with with layers of sweet and tart raspberry jelly, then topped with glaze, more jelly and powdered sugar. I only have one critique: needs peanut butter.


Tiramisu Pancakes – bttermilk stacks with layers of mocha cream topped with a generous drizzle of chocolate, whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder. Ugh, my favorite of the bunch that I am currently pining after.


Banana Graham Nut Pancakes – sliced bananas grilled inside buttermilk pancakes layered with marshmallow cream, bits of crushed graham cracker and honey-roasted pecans. Oh, and topped with cinnamon cream cheese. No big.


Top 6 Food News Stories This Week

The first week of June proved to be just as spicy as the weather was warm in regards to food news. Someone found a unique way to use Sriracha, Mario Batali revealed his true sentiments about his departure from the popular Iron Chef television series and there was a handful of news tied to the celebration of National Donut Day back on June 1st.

Here’s a look at the top 6 stories from the past week:

1. Sprayracha — The Game Changing Way to Use Sriracha

It’s now becoming a little known fact that Sriracha is one of the most popular ways to spice up your dish, ever. This week, the most buzzworthy piece of news didn’t come from a big name brand, or a bacon wrapped pig — it was one lone foodie’s addition of a spray nozzle and hopes of getting some even, spicy coverage on their food.


2. Mario Batali Left Iron Chef Due to ‘Skinny Little Actresses’

Mario Batali seems to be a recent focus of media attention. Some think him pompous, others shower him with praise — but don’t put a skinny little actress in the judge’s panel to comment on his cooking. He. Will. Rip. Her. Another.


3. Pizza Hut launches P’Zolos, Essentially Fancy Hot Pockets

News of Pizza Hut stuffing their ingredients into long-formed calzones was apparently very buzzworthy this week. The first citing on the official Pizza Hut website showed up late May, but word of mouth stayed strong into the early weeks of June — subsequently making it one of the top stories of the week.


4. NYC Food Truck Launches a ‘Douche Burger’ That Costs $666

Regardless of how tacky or ‘douchey’ it may seem, putting a batch of expensive ingredients on a burger — regardless of how it tastes — is definitely a way to get on the news. To top it off, they’re charging $666 for it. Oh yeah, it’s also coming off of a food truck. Fancy Shmancy.


 5. Subway restaurants testing a line of nachos

Not what you’d expect from Subway, the chain is using some of their non-traditional store fronts to test a line of Subway Nachos. Some folks have reacted quite positively, foaming at the mouth at cheese sauce drizzled over Nacho Cheese-flavored Doritos and topped with jalapenos. Others think it’s lazy, disgusting and not the caliber they expected from Subway. Either way, people are talking about it — so it made the cut for the top stories of the week.


6. Spirits Maker Launches a Glazed Donut-flavored Vodka

Eco-friendly spirit brand Vodka 360 launched a well-timed Glazed Donut-flavored vodka this past June 1st, which coincidentally was National Donut Day. The combination of celebrating donuts on June 1st along with the trend of flavored-alcohol usually is well received amongst Foodbeast readers.