Visualizing The Top Beer Consuming States In America [NATIONAL BEER DAY]


If there’s one holiday to remember, it’s National Beer Day. And just so you don’t somehow miss it, here’s a hint: it’s April 7th, and that’s today!

In honor of this celebration of America’s exceptionally well rounded (and growing) brewing tradition, we asked the question: which State would celebrate the best? While we don’t know numbers for this exact day, we tapped into a study by industry trade publisher Beer Marketeers Insights and found the ten states that consume the most beer on an annual basis. Who topped off the list? The Roughrider State, North Dakota, with a per capita beer consumption of 43.3 gallons per year. Do the math and that’s about 77 six-packs per person!

So what to drink? While Bud Lite and Blue Moon are the most popular beers in most states (our home California is an oddity and favors Corona), there are a TON of good beers associated with each state.

Thrillest put together a great map of each states most iconic beer. We’ll leave it here for drinking inspiration:


Written by Benjamin Starr for VisualNews