Coolhaus Ice Cream Plans To Release A Chocolate Taquito

“We’re working on re-inventing the Choco Taco — as a taquito.”

Once those very words were said by Coolhaus Ice Cream co-founder and CEO Natasha Case while on the latest The Katchup podcast, they became a magnet for intrigue, as evidenced by co-host Geoffrey Kutnick’s half incredulous, half excited tone when he asked, “When is the choco-taquito coming out?”

“2021,” replied Case. “We already have our innovation launching for 2020. So we have to work so far in advance of timelines because of grocery stores.”

It’s a wild concept to envision, really, reimagining a Mexican favorite as a chocolatey ice cream concoction. However that may turn out on Coolhaus’ end once the product releases remains to be seen. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about it until then. In fact, below is our own Foodbeast interpretation of what we think this Coolhaus chocolate taquito ice cream could be.

CoolHaus Ice Cream_Chocolate Taquito_render

Art: Sam Brosnan

As you can see in the artist rendering above, we envision a waffle cone shell rolled, filled with ice cream, and finished with a healthy layer of chocolate. Coolhaus’ version may very well be something that looks nothing like this. But one thing we are confident in is their ability to innovate well.

“So you’re just trying to reinvent the ice cream category,” observed co-host Elie Ayrouth.

“Yes, yes, yes… I want to reinvent — especially novelties, there’s so much to do. We’re gonna just grow this brand to be the household brand of our generation.”

Such dedication to product innovation and the confidence to execute it, along with a unique vision that Natasha Case encapsulated on The Katchup podcast episode, makes us look forward even more to the final result of the Coolhaus choco-taquito.

“2021, it’ll come faster than you think,” assured Case.

We’re crossing our fingers in anticipation until then.