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This Easy-to-Make Nashville Hot Tots Recipe Is What You Need In Your Life

hidden valley nashville hot tots

Earlier this week, we premiered the first segment in a series of recipes inspired by Hidden Valley Ranch’s new Secret Sauces. Today we continue on with our mission to help bring effortless, Pub-style meals to your home, this time with a recipe for a HVR Nashville Hot Tots.

Let’s dive in.

Start with heating up the tots, which is as simple as following the directions on the back of whatever bag of golden delicious that lies in your freezer. 

Then it’s time to create the base of the dish’s flavor: the spice mix. While the tots are heating up, mix together one tablespoon of brown sugar, one teaspoon of chili powder, one teaspoon of paprika, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, and  3 tablespoons of cayenne pepper (a measurement which can, of course, be seasoned to taste based on your threshold for spice). 

Once the spices have been combined and tots have been crisped, mix the two by coating the tots in the spice mix. 

After that, it’s as simple as topping your spiced potatoes with a cheese sauce of your preference, and a healthy dose of the HVR Smokehouse Secret Sauce, the most BBQ-esque of the HVR’s Secret Sauce trio.

Realistically, though, once the tots have been tossed, the topping choices are pretty flexible. 

Just don’t forget the secret sauce, otherwise you’ll be left with an approximation that’s “missing something.” Which, as far as recreating recipes goes, is a disappointing result. The sauce is the key here, reader. 

Check out the full recipe below, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our next HVR Pub to Plate recipe, which will be dropping in the next couple days.

Twitch Video

Man Makes Nashville Hot Chicken Blindfolded With Some Scorching Results


Making your own fried chicken at home is one of the most comforting meals you can produce. But can we make it Nashville Hot style while blindfolded?

Foodbeast Chris attempted the hard-mode cooking challenge as part of a Kitchen League mini game. Kitchen League is Foodbeast’s monthly competitive cooking show on Twitch where the audience gets to sabotage the chefs live.

When competitions aren’t streaming, members of the Foodbeast team will hop on and cook while plagued with various sabotages like time crunches, cooking while blindfolded, and other obstacles. It’s a chance to practice these sabotages that chefs will face throughout the competition, going through them one at a time to understand where problems can occur.

Chris is actually one of the judges on Kitchen League, so going in on Kitchen League Minigames like this helps him understand what the chefs go through during their cooking time.

Chris did have fellow Foodbeast Elie acting as a guide over video chat to make sure he didn’t burn or injure himself, but getting everything else done correctly was up to Chris.

This included loading up the fried chicken into the deep fryer…

Coating it in the Nashville hot oil…

… and even seasoning it while relying on kitchen awareness and Elie’s instructions.

While there were some struggles with holding the chicken after it was fried, as well as attempting to coat the chicken with oil and seasoning, Chris emerged unscathed,  with a triumphant platter of glistening, fiery Nashville Hot Chicken in hand. He managed to complete the challenge in just under 2 hours, a remarkable feat while not having any sight to work with.

The hardest part of it to Chris, outside of cutting chicken and dropping into scalding hot oil, was trying to not get any of the fiery spice caught in his throat while trying to cook. As he found out tasting it at the end, the chicken’s heat catches up with you fast.

You can view parts of the challenge through the clips posted throughout this post, and the full stream is available on Foodbeast’s Twitch page. The next challenge, on Thursday, May 14th at 2 PM PST, will be Foodbeast Costa (that’s me) attempting to make sushi one-handed, so stay tuned to see how that turns out.


Al Pastor-Style SPAM Tacos Is The Hack You MUST Try At Home

If you look hard enough, you can probably find a can of SPAM lying somewhere in your house. One of the most time-friendly — and tasty — proteins that you can easily cook up and enjoy in a pretty short amount of time.

This week, the Foodbeast crew were challenged to create a dish using SPAM as the key ingredient. Our managing editor and taco enthusiast Reach Guinto set out to make a SPAM Al Pastor set up on a trompo.

“I successfully made al pastor at home the other week and still had ingredients for the marinade leftover,” Reach said. “Couple that with the constant craving I have for al pastor tacos and SPAM being readily on deck at my house and I decided to go a little mad and combine the two together.”

“That, or I just wanted to see how some SPAM would look on a cute little trompo,” he mused.

From the looks of it, old Mr. Guinto’s venture was a rousing success.

Check out his recipe in the video above, along with the recipes of the other Foodbeast team members that happened to find some SPAM lying around the house. These include Jasmine (SPAM Fries on a Filipino Breakfast Charcuterie Board), Theresa (Animal Style SPAM Fries), Costa (SPAM Kimbap Burrito), and myself who made a Nashville Hot SPAMwich.

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Korean Fried Chicken’s Answer To Nashville Hot Is Here


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A post shared by michin dak (@michin_dak) on

If you were dropped into Los Angeles’ culinary scene with no prior knowledge, you would think that the concept of spicy chicken is something reserved solely for Nashville hot chicken spots. When it comes to spicy fried chicken, most restaurants have ridden the wave of this particular brand of hot bird. Enter Michin Dak, a local Korean fried chicken spot that’s doing hot chicken their own way.

The shop uses a special spice mix that largely remains top secret, though it’s a fact that some of the included spices have to be imported from Korea. This chicken comes in five different spice levels, the last of which is aptly named “Michin Spicy” and described on the menu simply as “Spicy AF.” 

And boy does it live up to its name. To give a frame of reference, the menu warns patrons that they won’t be offered a refund if they come to think the chicken is too spicy.

While there are a couple of methods to eat this fiery chicken, the Korean Fried Sando is the star of the show. The sandwich comes with a fried chicken thigh, house made Korean pickles, a Greek yogurt-based cabbage slaw, and thousand island dressing, all of which sit in between a fresh, split Brioche bun. It’s sure to give any chicken sandwich a run for its money. 

This unique take on hot chicken can be found at Michin Dak’s sole location on 6th St., in Los Angeles, CA. Check it out and find out exactly what a “Spicy AF” sandwich entails.

Created in partnership with 6th Avenue Restaurant Group. 


Nashville Hot Chicken Loaded Potato Wedges Are A Mouthful of What We Love

The South can’t possibly ever get fried chicken wrong. It’s fact further strengthened by the things they’re doing over at Richard’s Southern Fried in Atlanta, Georgia. There, expect a bird that’s marinated in a special spiced brine anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, depending on its size. A number of their spices are even ground fresh in house to ensure freshness and peak flavor.

Factor in them winning best chicken & waffles and best chicken sandwich in Atlanta and you get an idea of just how good their hot chicken is.

While on a quick trip to the ATL, we stumbled upon some deliciousness they’re serving up that we simply couldn’t ignore: hot chicken loaded potato wedges drenched in a spicy queso and topped with a cooling crown of sour cream. The description itself is a mouthful and so is the dish itself — not that we’re complaining. It’s definitely a worthy switch-up from the typical iterations of hot chicken that have been dominating our IG feeds lately.

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Nashville Hot Chicken Tortas Are The Specialty Of This Creative Pop-Up

With the cravings for Nashville Hot chicken continuing to sweep the nation, you often find folks attempting to recreate their own take on the OG. At the Rojos Hot Chicken pop-up, however, they’ve added a unique Mexican twist in both the preparation and the bread. In lieu of the standard white bread, Rojos opts for bolillos instead, creating their own spin: a Nashville Hot Chicken torta.

Rojos’ owners Rolando and Jose (the pop-up’s name combines their two together) have been cranking out the sandwiches since 2017. Inspired by Howlin’ Ray’s, and a mix of their own favorite flavors, the tortas are filled with ingredients like griddled pieces of nopales, (or cactus) American cheese, and fried chicken with their blend of Nashville/Mexican inspired spices.


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NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN & CHILE VERDE MILANESA TORTAS 👀🤯 //Served on a traditional bolillo, these Mexican inspired hot chicken tortas feature grilled nopales, pickles, slaw & American cheese. 🧀🔥// The deep fried chicken breast can be dipped in hierarchy of spicy sauces that range from spicy to very spicy. 📶♨️ // While this hybrid hot chicken torta ahogada might peel pack some eyelids, the real star of the show is the DEEP FRIED CHILE VERDE MILANESA TORTA, featuring a robust chile verde oil made with serranos. 🤤🌶 // Thanks to the boys at @RojosHotChicken for poppin’ up the #Foodbeast office and feeding the crew! 🥵😋 // Find out where you can find these hot chicken hybrids by reading more on!

A post shared by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on

In true Nashville hot format, they have different spice levels to the chicken as well, with the Rojo X being the spiciest.

Having endured a few spicy challenges myself, I can say that having tried Rojos’ hottest format, you will definitely need a glass of milk or two to cool things down afterward.

Rojos isn’t just pushing the envelope for hot chicken, however. During a special Foodbeast live stream on Twitch, Rolando and Jose unveiled a Chile Verde Hot Milanesa, taking cutlets of fried pork, dousing it in a chile verde oil made with serranos, and giving it the same treatment as their Mexican hot chicken. The acidity of the verde oil meshes with the crispy fried pork for a flavor combination that has to be tasted to be believed.

You can find Rojos Hot Chicken at their various pop-ups via their Instagram page.

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Firehouse Subs Serves Up Nashville Hot Brisket

We’ve seen shrimp get the Nashville Hot treatment this week at Red Lobster, but never would I have imagined beef brisket could be served Nashville Hot. Like with most things in my life, I was wrong.

Firehouse Subs just announced the release of a Nashville Hot Brisket Sandwich.

The sub is loaded with slow-smoked USDA Choice beef brisket that’s sliced up and coated with a spicy Nashville Hot seasoning. It’s then topped with spicy pickle chips, mayonnaise, a sweet and tangy coleslaw, and melted pepper jack cheese on a toasted cornbread roll.

Curious to see if it leans more towards Nashville Hot chicken or tender smoked brisket, either way my curiosity is piqued for a sub.

You can find this hot sandwich at participating Firehouse Subs locations across the nation.

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Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles Now Exist, Here Is Where You Can Get Them

Last year, Pringles dropped a pretty true to taste Top Ramen chicken flavor that exceeded our taste buds’ expectations. Now, the iconic potato chip brand is dabbling in the world of chicken again with a brand new product: Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles.

nashville hot chicken pringles

Photo courtesy of Pringles

The new can of chips combines savory chicken with the heat of Nashville hot. The fried chicken flavor has become a favorite across the country, but its popularity went to extreme levels over the past year as fast food joints like KFC and Carl’s Jr. added it to their lineups.

Eating these Pringles is like crunching into the spicy, battered skin of Nashville Hot Chicken, but missing out on the juiciness of the meat. It’s a definite teaser to the full experience, but could also be useful as a breading ingredient. I’m getting crazy recipe ideas in my head that use the Pringles now. Nashville hot Pringles-breaded jalapeno poppers, anyone?

Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles will be around for a limited-time release during the summer. You can find them in Dollar General stores nationwide.