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Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles Now Exist, Here Is Where You Can Get Them

Last year, Pringles dropped a pretty true to taste Top Ramen chicken flavor that exceeded our taste buds’ expectations. Now, the iconic potato chip brand is dabbling in the world of chicken again with a brand new product: Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles.

nashville hot chicken pringles

Photo courtesy of Pringles

The new can of chips combines savory chicken with the heat of Nashville hot. The fried chicken flavor has become a favorite across the country, but its popularity went to extreme levels over the past year as fast food joints like KFC and Carl’s Jr. added it to their lineups.

Eating these Pringles is like crunching into the spicy, battered skin of Nashville Hot Chicken, but missing out on the juiciness of the meat. It’s a definite teaser to the full experience, but could also be useful as a breading ingredient. I’m getting crazy recipe ideas in my head that use the Pringles now. Nashville hot Pringles-breaded jalapeno poppers, anyone?

Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles will be around for a limited-time release during the summer. You can find them in Dollar General stores nationwide.