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These Cola-Flavored Chips Are So Exclusive You Have To Win Them In A Claw Machine


Japanese snack maker Calbee is probably best known for those delicious shrimp chips you can usually find at most Asian markets. Now, Rocket News 24 reports that Calbee has added a line of cola-flavored chips for the holidays.

While the brand usually offers saltier options, they’re finally taking a dive into the sweeter side with these new soda chips. There is a catch, however.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on them isn’t quite as simple as heading to a grocery store. Since Calbee has partnered with Namco in this endeavor, the snacks will only be availble as prizes for the crane games at Namco-owned amusement centers.

Snack aficionados will have to earn their cola-flavored chips. Don’t know about you, but the chances of us winning a crane game on the first try as as close to zero as you can get. Still, we wouldn’t mind giving it a couple of shots for a handful of these cola chips. Judging from the video above, they sound pretty tasty.

The amusement centers are set to open in Japan beginning Dec. 18.

Photo: Namco