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The Unicorn Cafe Looks Like My Little Pony Threw Up In It


Strangely-themed cafes are all the jazz in Asian countries. Japan’s filled with them, from a Super Mario cafe, to a bunny-cuddling cafe. China’s had a Friend’s-themed cafe, letting you feel like Chandler Bing whenever you order a scone. Now we’re excited to learn we can feel the unicorn power in Thailand, as Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok is like a rainbow-filled wet dream.

The cafe looks like  a unicorn threw up in it, with pastel colors from wall-to-wall, and an array of colorful food on its menu.

The My Little Pony feel is strong here, with plush toys filling their couches and tables, letting Pagasisters and Bronies cuddle up with their favorite horned pets.

Check out some of the colorful menu items below, and scratch that rainbow itch:











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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: There Is Now A My Little Pony Café And It’s Awesome

my little pony latte

My Little Pony has recently built a crazy cult following, so it was only a matter of time before a restaurant was built in its honor, offering little pony snacks and coffee.

The My Little Pony Café opened up, in Japan of course, because Japan gets all the cool cafés, like the Super Mario Café and the Pikachu Café.

The colorful Café in Harajuku offers unique menu items such as Kalua pork and orange pancakes, Marshmallow, banana and chocolate pancakes, Milky Rainbow Parfaits, and of course, a My Little Pony Latte.

The decor is also pleasing to the pony fan’s eye, as there are My Little Pony murals, tables and toys featuring the new generation’s favorite characters, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

Teaming with My Little Pony in this endeavor is Umajo, a horse-racing club that caters to women only. So Bronies might be looked down on if they try to invade the restaurant.

Check out the Tweets below as fans are already excited and planning to visit the glitter-filled coffee shop:


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Some Guy Found a Medieval Guide to Cooking Unicorn Meat


How do you tell if you’ve found the perfect cut of unicorn? Is it the marbling, signature to stock raised on fairy dust feed? Is it the grade, prímsang, corennes, or selecte? And what about the rarer breeds? Does a Narnian unicorn really taste all that better than an Equestrian one?

About a year ago, the British library discovered a recipe for unicorn meat in a Fourteenth Century cookbook. Unfortunately, supposed royal chef Geoffrey Fule left no insight as to which Ye Olde Ralfe’s might carry the choicest unicorn steaks in all the land, but he did understand the magic of a few garlic cloves.


Reads the British Library’s description:

“After recipes for herring, tripe and codswallop (fish stew, a popular dish in the Middle Ages) comes that beginning ‘Taketh one unicorne.’ The recipe calls for the beast to be marinaded in cloves and garlic, and then roasted on a griddle. The cookbook’s compiler, doubtless Geoffrey Fule himself, added pictures in its margins, depicting the unicorn being prepared and then served.”

Sounds yummy, although, if it’s anything like horse, we suspect it could be a bit gamey. Might be better to stick to the canned dragon meat.

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There’s Now a My Little Pony-Flavored Ice Cream, Of Course


Oh, Derpy Hooves, what would the My Little Pony fandom be without you? Chocolate chip muffin flavored ice cream-less, that’s for sure.

A homemade ice cream shop in Omaha, Nebraska has just introduced a My Little Pony-inspired ice cream flavor in response to an overwhelming customer demand. And can you blame them? As John Farrier of Neatorama notes, not only is Derpy Hooves – the hapless-looking Pegasus pony who originally started as a nameless background character before audiences fell in love with her – absolutely adorable, she’s also known for her love of muffins. Her iconic blue-grey skin color doesn’t hurt the branding tie-in either.

Let’s hope this is just the start of a whole line of MLP-inspired treats. Just think: Rainbow Dash sherbet? Apple-Pie-Jack? Of course, Fluttershy wouldn’t have a “real” flavor, but you can bet her ice cream would taste like music and kindness and haute couture. Obviously.

Check out the Ted and Wally’s Homemade Ice Cream shop Facebook page, here.

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Pickle Candy Canes, White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles and 9 Other Bizarre Food Items That Should be Recalled in 2013

We’re closing in on the end of 2012- and usually this time of year calls for countdown lists galore, where we can take some time to reflect on all the wild/crazy/fun happenings of the last 12 months. So to get in the spirit, we thought we’d take some time to look back at the wackiest food items we’ve featured this year, and then promptly nominate them for a recall. Without further adieu, let the countdown of awfulness commence!


11. Bird Crap Seasoning

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a seasoning blend that is meant to “taste great on just about anything!” Surely, it could very well deliver on that promise; but I’d like to know what that marketing team was on when they all sat down and decided ‘Bird Crap’ would be an excellent choice for the name of a food item. Albeit, it does grab your attention, but I don’t think it’s in a good way.


10. Sriracha Lip Balm

Okay, I realize this isn’t an entirely edible food product, but I was torn between this and Bacon Shaving Cream in the “Ridiculous Novelty Item” category. I don’t know about you, but I know when I’ve been eating something spicy (particularly hot sauce drenched meals), the first thing I do is start screaming “AHHHHHH MY LIPS ARE ON FIRE!!!”. Then I proceed to apply copious amounts of chap stick for the next 24 hours to hopefully undo the damage I’ve caused. There is no amount of Burt’s Bees that will mollify this terrible, terrible idea.


9. Cracker Jack’d

Dear Cracker Jacks, why are you ruining my childhood? Why can’t you just stick with a good thing and leave well enough alone? I get it, it’s a cut-throat market out there, and you need to stay relevant, and blah blah blah, but seriously? A Cracker Jack snack line that contains caffeine?? For “adults only”?  WTF.  Thanks for leaving my candy-coated popcorn and peanut dreams to die.


8. Buffalo Wing Soda

Mmmm. Nothing says refreshing thirst quencher like Buffalo Wing Soda! Who on God’s Green Post-Apocalyptic Earth would ever seriously drink this? I will never want my buffalo wings in carbonated liquid form. So please, Lester, stop making this. The bottle may say “Y’all get yer fixins,” but I think y’all need to get your heads checked.


7. Tabasco Jelly Bellies

For a company that’s been around for over 30 years, offering over 50 flavors of jelly beans, things were bound to get weird. Boy did they ever with Tabasco flavored Jelly Bellies. You could probably only eat a few of these before wanting to pour buffalo wing soda into your eyes.


6. My Little Pony Pasta

Hey girls, remember My Little Ponies? Remember their beautiful shiny manes that you would spend hours braiding, making them prance about, sniffing their backsides because they were often scented with magic and chocolate? (I’m probably the only one that did that.) Remember dunking them in tomato sauce and biting their heads off in a hungry lunchtime fury? Wait, what? No, that’s not right… AND NEITHER IS THIS PASTA PRODUCT.


5. Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry

Oh Mike’s, we meet again. This time I’m not a sophomore in high school at an unsupervised house party pretending that I can hold liquor, when the most alcohol I had consumed at that point was in my seasonal dose of NyQuil. (Hey, don’t judge, Mike’s Hard Lemonade was a gateway drink.) Instead, it looks as though you have brought forth a “Hard Chocolate Cherry” beverage to consume this holiday season. Much like my 15 year old self, methinks sledding down a carpeted flight of stairs resulting in a sprained ankle and loss of self-respect seems like a better choice than this.


4. Evil Hot Gummi Bears

Evil and Gummy Bears should never be in the same sentence. Imagine popping one into your mouth, expecting a burst of fruit and delight, when suddenly to your horror an onslaught of hellfire and habanero takes over. Excuse me, but that’s just rude.


3. Pickle Candy Canes

What can I even say about this? Gather ’round kids! It’s that magical time of year, when Santa Claus comes to spread joy and give presents to good little boys and girls! Nothing says good tidings and cheer like a dill and peppermint hook of terror. Surprise, and Merry Christmas!


2. Seasonal flavored Pringles

October through December is generally a time for seasonal flavored everything, and Pringles brand is not one to be left behind. Behold! Seasonal flavored Pringles! Don’t be confused, these are not pumpkin/chocolate/cinnamon treats shaped in the iconic form of a Pringle. Oh no, these are ACTUAL potato Pringles sprinkled with the aforementioned flavor combinations. I think I just threw up a little. I’m looking at you, White Chocolate Peppermint.


1. Flavored Vodka

Listen, I get it- flavored vodka is not a shocking new idea that suddenly appeared this year. Hell, I would never have made it through 2007 without heavy doses of vanilla vodka and Coca Cola, but I think things are getting out of hand here. Suddenly I’m combating the likes of waffle, whipped cream, birthday cake, popcorn, and for the love of all things holy, wasabi-flavored vodkas. Why? Why are we allowing such abominations? What happened to chewing our curious confections? Why are we now guzzling them down with reckless abandon, because Amber Rose tells us so? NO! I say we take a stand and say no to absurdly flavored vodkas in 2013.

Unless of course, you want to make me birthday cake Jello shots.

So kids, that wraps up the 11 food items that should be recalled in 2013. But wait — didn’t we just survive an apocalypse folks? If there’s one thing we learned it’s #YOLO 4lyfe and what the heck, might as well give those White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles a try, right? Right?

Packaged Food

My Little Pony Pasta: This Sauce Ain’t A One Trick Pony

OK, confession. I found out about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic through my younger brother who is a borderline obsessive fan of the show. I was at home for the holidays and as usual, he propositioned me with the following incentive: “Hey, wanna watch something hilarious on the internet?” PSH, when do I not? As I watched him type in “My Little Pony” in the YouTube search box, the familiar Oh Man, I’m about to watch some weird sh-t feeling took over and my attention span began to diminish at an exponential rate. Yet as it turned out, the show was not only good but snarky, witty and yes, a little weird.

I soon found out that My Little Pony had been garnering an underground fanbase among not only 13-year-old girls doting Twilight Sparkle lunchboxes but among teenagers and young adults doting Twilight Sparkle lunchboxes as well. So, with a Fight Club-esque cult following (because everyone knows pink and purple ponies are just as cool as Brad Pitt and personality disorders), it was only natural for My Little Pony to come out out with its very own brand of Heinz pasta. Note: that’s 7.2 ounces of pasta ponies doused in tomato sauce. I bet it’s as blasphemous as it sounds.

Next on the Pony takeover? Drunk Pony Salt.

Heinz My Little Pony Pasta Shapes, available for $4.29 on Amazon.