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My Little Pony Pasta: This Sauce Ain’t A One Trick Pony

OK, confession. I found out about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic through my younger brother who is a borderline obsessive fan of the show. I was at home for the holidays and as usual, he propositioned me with the following incentive: “Hey, wanna watch something hilarious on the internet?” PSH, when do I not? As I watched him type in “My Little Pony” in the YouTube search box, the familiar Oh Man, I’m about to watch some weird sh-t feeling took over and my attention span began to diminish at an exponential rate. Yet as it turned out, the show was not only good but snarky, witty and yes, a little weird.

I soon found out that My Little Pony had been garnering an underground fanbase among not only 13-year-old girls doting Twilight Sparkle lunchboxes but among teenagers and young adults doting Twilight Sparkle lunchboxes as well. So, with a Fight Club-esque cult following (because everyone knows pink and purple ponies are just as cool as Brad Pitt and personality disorders), it was only natural for My Little Pony to come out out with its very own brand of Heinz pasta. Note: that’s 7.2 ounces of pasta ponies doused in tomato sauce. I bet it’s as blasphemous as it sounds.

Next on the Pony takeover? Drunk Pony Salt.

Heinz My Little Pony Pasta Shapes, available for $4.29 on Amazon.