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The Musubi Madness Pop-Up Was A Fitting Tribute To SPAM® Innovation

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SPAM® products have won over our palates since forever, but over the last three weekends it took over LONO in Hollywood, California. During the Musubi Madness pop-up, LONO was turning out innovative SPAM®-based dishes in both classic and new ways. Here’s a review of what specialties were being served:

Build-Your-Own-SPAM® Musubi Bar

There’s a popular saying that says “the world is your oyster.” This was like that, but with musubis. The build-your-own musubi bar featured over 20 ingredients from around the world, like queso fresco, vermicelli noodles, and garlic rice — all enabling delectable SPAM® musubi creations like an American cheeseburger musubi and a Filipino-inspired one with lumpia.

SPAM® Corn Dog

spam corn dog


LONO executive chef David Lespron dipped into his fryer of tricks to create this SPAM® Classic and shrimp dog covered in a furikake batter. Lespron also gave the usual dipping sauce a tropical twist by serving this take on an American classic with banana ketchup.

SPAM® Soft Serve

spam soft serve

SPAM® soft serve could seem out of left field, sure, but fans in attendance definitely took to the creative spin on the cold treat. Using a SPAM®-infused base, this soft serve was topped with caramelized SPAM® pieces, vanilla-braised pineapple, candied nuts, and furikake.

SPAM® Cocktail

What kind of self-respecting meal is served without a drink? Certainly not this one. This feast featured a cocktail consisting of rum, pineapple, Cara Cara orange, and coconut cream. It was served over crushed ice and, naturally, inside a SPAM® can.

If you missed this SPAM® showcase, but want to check out more of the results, or just give yourself a nice dose of FOMO, you can check out the #MusubiMadness tag on Instagram.


Created in partnership with SPAM® 
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Mainland Musubi: These Corn Dogs Are Made With SPAM® Classic and Nori

Created in partnership with SPAM® 

Who doesn’t love corn dogs? Who doesn’t love SPAM®-infused dishes? No one. Exactly. And what’s not to love? Both are savory, craveable treats taste buds have long enjoyed and not just in America but around the world. In fact, that goes for both corn dogs and SPAM® products. 

This, then, begs the question: are the two interchangeable? This would take entirely too long to find out, but our investigation has gotten deliciously exciting with the SPAM® Corn Dog with a musubi twist that’s being served at the Musubi Madness pop-up at LONO Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. 

The corn dog mixture is made of SPAM® Classic and shrimp: two parts SPAM® Classic, one part shrimp, which is ground up and mixed with ginger, garlic, green onion, aromats and seasonings. The mixture is then wrapped and rolled in plastic wrap, to give it the corn dog shape, then steamed. Afterwards, the dog is unwrapped and poked with a chopstick, which poses as the corn dog stick.

But, let’s be honest, the true sign of any delicious corn dog is the batter- and this version’s batter is golden and dense without being doughy. And, to give it a delectable musubi nod, Chef David Lespron puts furikake in the batter. If you thought a corn dog couldn’t get any more savory, you’re in for a  mouthwatering surprise.

To even this out, Chef Lespron has a sweet trick up his sleeve: a banana infused ketchup. When drizzled on top, it’s the perfect complement to this musubi themed dog.

If you want to try this, or the make-your-own-SPAM® Musubi Bar and SPAM® Soft Serve Sundae, make sure to stop by the Musubi Madness pop-up shop on September 7, 14, and 21.


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LA’s Musubi Madness is Slinging SPAM® SOFT SERVE SUNDAES

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SPAM® products are typically thought of as  tasty, versatile ingredients perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Usually, though, dinner is where SPAM® dishes end for the day. At the Musubi Madness pop-up in Los Angeles, CA, however, they’re out to prove that the iconic canned meat can indeed stick around after the main course. This September, they’ll be serving SPAM® Soft Serve Sundaes. Yes, you heard that right — SPAM® Soft Serve Sundaes.

If the thought of SPAM® ice cream scares you, don’t let it. Sweet meats have existed for as long as people have been eating meat. This is just a different way to enjoy those same sweet and savory flavors.

Made with a special extraction from SPAM® Classic, the soft serve has a distinct, but not overwhelming, flavor. 

Next, the soft serve is piled high into a waffle cone bowl. From there, it’s up to you what goes on top. You can choose between vanilla-braised pineapples, candied walnuts, furikake, teriyaki sauce, and rum caramel. Or you could live out your 9-year-old self’s fantasy and just put every topping on it. You’re already eating SPAM® ice cream, might as well go all out.

If this sounds like a treat you’d be interested in, the Musubi Madness pop-up will be running for the first three Saturdays in September on the 7th, 14th, and 21st at LONO Hollywood.


Created in partnership with SPAM® 
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Introducing MUSUBI MADNESS: A Pop Up Serving SPAM® Classic Corn Dogs, SPAM® Soft Serve, and Customizable SPAM® Musubi

 Created in partnership with SPAM® 


The world as we know it would not be the same without the SPAM® brand. The delicious and affordable product  has been beloved worldwide since providing aid to U.S. and allied troops during WWII. To this day, the SPAM® brand is deeply ingrained in  cultures near and far including Hawaii, Japan and Korea. You could write a book on the iconic brand. In fact, people have. Famed for its ability to be incorporated into any dish, SPAM® products are kitchen staples. To celebrate this great-tasting, meal-time favorite, Musubi Madness, a pop-up restaurant serving all kinds of wildly tasty SPAM®-based dishes, will be up and running at LONO Hollywood in Los Angeles the first three Saturdays of September.

The pop-up will feature a Build-Your-Own-SPAM® Musubi Bar with more than  20 delicious ingredients from around the world to choose from. Once you’ve selected your ingredients, an expert chef will hand-make the musubi right in front of you. Maybe an American Burger SPAM® Musubi with American cheese, onions, lettuce, and thousand island sounds good. How about a Vietnamese-inspired musubi with daikon, carrots, and vermicelli noodles? The possibilities are endless.

The additional options on-hand at the pop-up, while not as customizable as the musubi, are equally delicious. The SPAM® Classic and Shrimp Hot Dogs are dipped in a nori batter and fried until they resemble the fair treats that we all know and love. SPAM® soft serve sundaes, topped with teriyaki caramel, furikake is a must-try for all. This is sweet and savory at its craziest. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to eat all this deliciousness with no beverage to wash it down. We got you covered. Musubi Madness will be serving tropical-themed drinks. And, yes, they’re served in the iconic little blue cans.

If you want to get in on one of these Saturday SPAM® Musubi pop-ups, make sure you RSVP at


 Created in partnership with SPAM®