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Believe It Or Not, There Are More Museums In The US Than McDonald’s & Starbucks COMBINED


It seems there’s a McDonald’s and a Starbucks around every corner in the United States. Who would have thought, however, that there would be more museums in America than the combined number of McDonald’s and Starbucks locations.

According to the Washington Post, there are a total of 35,000 museums in the country. Using data released from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the museums eclipse the total of McDonald’s (14,000) and Starbucks (11,000).

Sure, not all of them are as popular as the World History Museums or even the new Broad that just opened in Downtown LA. Rather, a majority of these are described as “mom-and-pop” locations.

LA County alone has 681 museums.

Makes us wonder how much culture we’re missing out on while we wait for our 3pm Sausage McMuffin.