This Restaurant Only Serves Taquitos and It’s Glorious


A new food joint has opened up on the Lower East Side of New York, a haven for late night snacks, fried food, and quick bites that sop up all the cheap vodka you’ve been throwing back.  Taquitoria, on Ludlow street, only serves taquitos, but since that’s all they do, they do it damn well.  


Taquitoria has quite the résumé: its owners/chefs worked at Restaurant Marc Forgione, and are dedicated to quality ingredients and creating kick-ass street food taken up a notch. After sampling tons of different varieties, they settled on a yellow corn tortilla, twice fried to surround fillings made from Bell and Evans chicken, brined in secret spices, or short ribs from Creekstone Farms. Oh, and don’t forget Berkshire pork, topped with Cholula.

All I can say is, I’m very glad I’ll be drinking on the LES this weekend, and I know exactly where I’m getting my snack for the train ride home.

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Campbell Soup Set to Release New Oddball Flavors: Cheeseburger, Quesadilla and Philly Cheesesteak


Campbell Chunky’s latest offerings come from a line of “pub-inspired soups” and feature Hearty Cheeseburger, Spicy Chicken Quesadilla and Philly-Style Cheesesteak. All three flavors are available nationwide and are promoted by Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers linebacker and Super Bowl XLV champion.

According to the press release, Matthews is the face of the quintessential “Mama’s Boy,” aka the kind of guy you’d find sucking down liquid cheeseburgers at your “local pub or sports bar.”

The new soups were inspired by “foods guys love to eat when they are out watching football.” While I could write an entire essay on why this statement is heartbreaking (the last time I checked, the female species also enjoys watching sports and eating), I’l let this one slide.

So, gather ye, man-children and kick off the NFL season with a grip of man food hearty, pub’y, no doubt delicious soup.

Packaged Food

Ramen-Flavored Chocolate Was Surprisingly Not Invented by High College Kids


Ramen noodles are a great cheap option when eating on a budget. Unfortunately, the cardboard-ish flavor can get a bit stale after a while, which is the worst when you have a sudden case of the munchies. Hoping to solve this ever-pressing dilemma, Komforte Chockolates has rolled out with the Savory Ramen Chocolate Bar.

Made from 63% dark chocolate, the candy also includes the classic ramen flavors of garlic, onion and soy sauce. This sweeter twist on a college dietary staple is a way to say, “I can’t always afford real food but when I can, I get ramen-flavored chocolate.”

Savory Ramen Chocolate Bar

Savory Ramen Chocolate Bar, $5 @Perpetual Kid

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Celebrate 4/20 in Style: National Lima Bean Respect Day


Nothing says 4/20 like coming home to a nice, fat bowl of green…lima beans?

That’s right, folks. April 20th might be the highlight of the month for stoners around the country, but it also happens to be National Lima Bean Respect Day. Because apparently lima beans just doesn’t get enough respect the rest of the year. We won’t make any assumptions about the people who first came up with the idea for a Lima Bean Respect Day…but there are a lot of stoner social justice vegetarians out there. Just saying.

Anyone looking to pay the dignified bean its proper share of respect while still celebrating 4/20 in style could always throw a handful of lima beans into the inevitable 4/20 munchies-motivated foodfest. We bet the lima beans won’t mind.

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Florida Woman Claims This Goldfish is Literally ‘Christ on a Cracker’

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 12.58.04 PM

We’ve all had our moments of appreciation for Goldfish cracker’s cheesy goodness, but one woman from Melbourne, Florida has taken Goldfish worship to the next level — by claiming her cracker is a sign from God.

Apparently, Melbourne resident Patti Burke was working her way through a bag of her favorite snacks when she noticed that one of the Goldfish crackers was just a little different, “He had a cross on him, and he had a crown circle up by his head. Something I’ve never seen before out of all the Goldfish I’ve eaten.”

Burke, who eats two to three pounds of Goldfish in an average week, knew that this cracker was special. “I believe it’s a sign, a sign from God,” she told reporters.

Since Goldfish manufacturer Pepperidge Farms has denied deliberately manufacturing the crossed cracker,  Burke’s salty revelation might in fact be proof of divine intervention. We’re a little doubtful that Goldfish would be the Lord’s cracker of choice — Saltines are certainly holier — but hey, we won’t bash anyone’s taste in sacred snack food. We’re just happy that (according to Burke) God loves our favorite cheddar-flavored munchies as much as we do.

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That’s One Pot Tamale – And This California Dispensary Is Giving It Away For Free


You should totally take a hit of this tamale.

That’s what they’re saying at the ABC Cooperative, a medical marijuana dispensary in Garden Grove, Calif., where every Friday is “free tamale day.” At least, that’s what I’m guessing they’re saying. I for one have never stepped foot in a marijuana dispensary and would never ever associate with anyone who would frequent such an abominable institution.

Supposing I did though, I’d imagine the prospect of getting free Pineapple Pot flavored tamales every Friday would be pretty damn exciting.

Made off-site, the tamales were first introduced by the company due to high customer demand and are available only to those with medical marijuana cards – along with the regular, non-medicated Chicken, Cheese and Pork flavors, which I’m assuming are available to anyone.

Did I mention they’re free?

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This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Pipe is Perfect for Nostalgia Munchies


Face it, TMNT was a cartoon about giant, crime-fighting, pizza-eating reptiles. If you honestly believe it wasn’t about drugs, I highly suggest you watch it again (preferably while on drugs and eating pizza).

Designed by glassblower Brendan Taylor, this line of TMNT-inspired pipes would be a good place to start. With an impressive level of detail, from the melted cheese to the diamond-studded pizza backs, the line currently features nearly everyone’s two favorite turtles (Michelangelo and Leonardo, duh), angry-eyed and ready to blaze.

I for one was a Donatello girl, but hey, there are plenty of reasons not to listen to me – starting with the fact that I can classify myself as a ‘Donatello girl.’

Finally, watch TMNT the way it was meant to be watched. Cowabunga.



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Superbowl Delicious: Football-Shaped Whoopie Pies

I know, I know. I’m a disgrace to women everywhere. Guys, there are lots of girls who care more about the game than the snacks and the commercials on Superbowl Tuesday (that’s a joke, I know the Superbowl is on Saturday). Don’t judge them according to my new obsession with these little football cookies that make me feel like a real fan.

Great, now that that’s out of the way: Check out these football whoopie pies! They’re adorable and delicious, and they’ll make you feel like a real fan!

Food blogger Sarah Sprague of Make Merry Events edited this Bon Appetít recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies with maple-marshmallow cream filling by using dark brown sugar instead of golden, and sifting a quarter cup of cocoa powder into the dry mix. A few extra steps, and voila, your pumpkin batter is football-colored.

Meanwhile, an egg-shaped baking tin and a little creative icing will carry you the rest of the way to these adorable football munchies.

Check out the full recipe here while I try to fake my way to a football-related joke to close. Just give me a second.

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