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Cheech Marin Lights Up New Food Delivery Service

As cannabis culture becomes more mainstream, more and more startups will be getting into the space to superserve its customers. Weed icon Cheech Marin and restaurateur Zach Neil have teamed to feed stoners with a menu made for their late night cravings via its food-delivery business, Muncheechos.

The company will go national using ghost kitchens and will first serve New Yorkers with a fun-filled menu of stoner-themed eats, with delivery offered until 3AM. Multiple menus include the “Recreational Users” menu with dishes like “Dope Dumplings” in a Sriracha honey glaze, “Up In Smoke” brisket tacos, and mac-cheese-and-BBQ-chicken-topped “Muncheechos Munchachos” nachos.

There’s the straight-up “Stoner’s Menu” that goes a little heavier on the indica-inspired indulgence with egg rolls made with cookie dough, “Red Eye” ice cream with potato chips, maple blueberry pancake chicken lollipops, Lucky Charms-laced marshmallows, and, “Poo Poo Platters” combining coconut shrimp, hickory-smoked wings, cheese curds, duck sauce, and wonton chips.

It’s like a celebrity chef beaming into your kitchen, assessing whatever munchies still exist in your pantry, then mixing it into decadent edible creations. All in the name of satisfying your munchies.