You Can Buy This Mug For Ketchup, Fulfilling All Your Fry-Dipping Fantasies

As much as I love In-N-Out, my biggest gripe with their ketchup containers is that I’ll need to fill multiple ones to meet my standard fry-dipping requirement. Really, it’s any burger joint that carries those dainty little paper cups. Surely there’s something out there that can meet our ketchup requirements. Thanks to some mild innovation, there’s a solution that will solve anyone’s condiment woes.

One of the newest items to hit the Foodbeast Merch Shop, the Katchup Mug is here for all your ketchup dipping needs.

The Katchup Mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as 100% reusable. You can purchase the item here for $13. A companion mug that houses Ranch is also available at the Foodbeast store and comes highly recommended for your Ranch dipping needs.

Wonder if I can also use it for coffee?

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Starbucks Launches Exclusive Disneyland Mug With Gingerbread Castle, Here’s Where To Find it

Disney lovers have been flocking to Disneyland in the past few weeks to check out the new Christmas foods and decorations. Every year, after Thanksgiving, the Disney parks always go all out for the winter holiday.

Well, it looks like Starbucks is teaming up with Disney to bring an exclusive new item to the parks.

DesignTaxi reports that an exclusive, limited edition, Starbucks mug has hit Disneyland. The tall mug features the iconic Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, reimagined in gingerbread form.

Here’s what it looks like:

Thanks to @batikdesign, my Starbucks partner in crime, he let me know the new Disney Parks Starbucks Holiday mug is out and so are the You are Here ornaments!!!🏰☕️✨ Time for a quick four park world tour to see which other parks have their ornaments available!🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ Will you be collecting them all?🎄 Stay tuned to see what I find! See if you can find the hidden Mickey!🐭 Thanks again, Todd!😍 *Mug retails for $21.99. 🎁🎁🎁 #disneychristmas#disneyholidays#disneystarbucks#disneymerch#starbucksmug#magickingdom#mickeysverymerrychristmasparty#disneycastle#gingerbreadhouse#peppermintmocha#disneymerchandise#mvmcp#disneymug#tobeapartner#disneymugs#hotcocoa#disneyhome#disneyfan#mugshot#starbucksaddict#mugaddict#disneylife#disneyworld#disneygram#mugsofdisney#disneyland#disneyparks#disneyresort#disneylove#disneystyle

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Hardcore mug heads and Disney fans can find the mug at the Starbucks located on Main Street, U.S.A. a little past the entrance of Disneyland.

The exclusive Starbucks mug will be available presumably while supplies last.


Depressingly Accurate Dino Coffee Mug Recreates Extinction In Your Hands


What really killed the dinosaurs? You can relive the tragic even in history with a mug that accurately chronicles how the thunder lizards died off. More or less.

Before hot liquid is added to the mug, a lush landscape is illustrated featuring the mighty dinosaurs. After you fill it with hot coffee, tea, water, or anything with a high enough temperature, the scene shifts completely showing everything dying off.

A perfectly melancholic way to start your day off.

You can find and purchase the cup on Amazon for about $16. We’re sure our bladders will thank us once the novelty wears off.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

16 Unique Coffee Mugs You Need In Your Mornings

The best part of waking up is coffee. Maybe not any coffee, and probably not Folgers, but this nectar of the gods is the life force for many of us. Why bother throwing such an important beverage into a boring mug? We brewed up a few mugs to fix that.

1. Lego My Coffee


Because Lego’s are the foundation of any nutritious breakfast.

2. Taste The Rainbow


Drink coffee and poke your enemies eyes out. Plus rainbows. So, basically all your favorite things.

3. Pipe Dreams


Perfect for mushroom tea.

4. Schroedinger’s Coffee


The only problem is that the coffee is both cold and hot until you sip it…

5. Who Needs A Plastic Surgeon?


My other nose is a fucking disaster.

6. C Is For Coffee


Addictive behavior is hilarious…

7. The Call of Coffee


Cthulhu Coffee: Perfect for kicking your morning into beast mode.

8. Put Your Donuts Where Your Mouth Is


Because 8 AM is simply too early to talk your way into a sexual harassment suit.

9. Flush Once For Caffeine


Get it? Cause I have a potty mouth? And everything else about me is horrible.

10. Quali-tea



Mostly confusing, because this is a coffee mug with a tea pun on it. And vestigial arms.

11. The Sunday Morning Mug


A classy way of saying what we could already smell coming out of your pores, Linda.

12. Early Morning Accomplishment


Wanted a medal, got a mug :\

13. All The Rage


He’ll probably be really angry when he actually tries to crumple it.

14. Emotional Little Sith


I’m guessing you take it… dark?

15. I Can See Clearly Now


The only time it’s acceptable for your lens to be steamy.

16.  Snooze Button Managed


Who needs a wand when you have coffee?


Woman At Applebees Gets Cracked Across The Face With Glass Mug For Speaking Another Language

One of my favorite run-of-the-mill restaurants on Earth is Applebee’s, so hearing that a racist Caucasian woman attacked another woman with a beer mug just because she was different kind of scares the shit out of this Egyptian-American food lover.

Asma Jama, who moved to Minnesota from Kenya in 2000, was sitting at a table with her family in Applebee’s minding her own business, when Jodie Burchard-Risch, 43, and her husband began harassing her about speaking Swahili with her cousins and nieces.

“Go home,” said Risch to the family, according to Jama. “When you’re in America you should speak English.”

“I’m home,” Jama calmly responded to the couple. “I can speak English, but we choose to speak whatever language we want.”

Risch then suddenly responds by Chris Brown-ing Jama in the face with a glass beer mug. The attack left Jama with cuts along her eyelid and nose, along with an incredibly grisly gash on her bottom lip that required 17 stitches.

Risch was then forcefully removed from the restaurant and was subsequently arrested and charged with third-degree assault, however prosecutors will be looking to pile on additional charges in light of how racially loaded the attack was.

I’d be upset too if that ugly mug was attached to my head.

Looks like Applebee’s is no longer safe for potential victims of racism. Does anyone know where the nearest TGI Friday’s is?

Image Sources: Bring Me The News, Kare 11, Happy Customers Review


This Adorable Unicorn Mug Will Definitely Brighten Up Your Mornings


Think Geek is selling this super magical unicorn mug for just $13. As you can see, it is amazing. They’ve also got a t-rex version if you’re less into mythical creatures and more into prehistoric beasts or whatever.



Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things | Think Geek


This Awesome Dad Uses Coffee Mugs To Turn His Kids Into Superheroes


Some dads just know how to have fun with their kids. Threadless’ Lance Curran uses coffee mugs with a collection of characters from popular culture to cover his kids faces.

In what he called his “Breakfast Mugshot” series, Curran turns his kids into iconic figures from comic books, movies and television. Characters include popular Marvel and DC superheroes and kids cartoon characters.

Check out some of the hilarious posts below or follow his Instagram for more.


A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on



A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on



A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on


A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on


A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on


These Mugs Link Together So You Can Carry Them All at Once


It’s basically impossible to carry three mugs of coffee at once. But whether you’re in the restaurant biz or a home coffee lover, these clever mugs will significantly improve the way you carry full cup of Joes.

Made by British company Thelermont Hupton, these mugs link together with a cross design on one side and a recess on the other. When held together, this decreases the chance of mid-transport spillage and allows for easier serving. Burnt fingers no more!

Check ’em out for a great housewarming gift, or if you like to pound down three cups of coffee at a time, for yourself.

Link Mugs, $44.95 @Amazon

H/T Design Taxi