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Instagram-Famous ‘Mochi Muffins’ Shipping Nationwide For The First Time Ever

If you’re from or have been to the San Francisco Bay Area recently, you know that the hot sweet treat around there is the Mochi Muffin. Third Culture Bakery, the shop behind the viral and widespread treat, is now making their signature food available for purchase nationwide for the first time ever.

Owners Sam Butarbutar and Wenter Shyu have been growing the Third Culture Bakery brand, with a new bakeshop having opened a few weeks back in Colorado. With the coronavirus pandemic drastically affecting everyone, however, the company decided to expand their Mochi Muffin offering to nationwide masses yearning to get a taste.

As of press time, Third Culture is only selling their Original Mochi Muffin nationwide, rather than branching out into the other flavors they make for shipping just yet. Shyu told Foodbeast that their other flavors of the mochi muffins will be available for national delivery later this week. Folks who live within UberEats ranges for their Bay Area and Denver also have access to the showrooms’ full online menus.

The Original Mochi Muffins are sweet while nutty, with a base of rice flour and ingredients like sesame and pandan that add to their aroma. They’re also incredibly squishy, and might be the closest to an edible stress ball we’ll ever get to.

You can now find these Mochi Muffins for sale on Third Culture’s website in packs of either 6 or 12, alongside other items like Uji Ceremonial Matcha, rice flour totes, and other apparel. Shyu told Foodbeast that they’ve already shipped to 16 states so far.

Photos courtesy of Third Culture Bakery.


Most Bloody Marys Pale In Comparison To This INSANE Mimosa

More often than not, you can order a Bloody Mary and end up getting a free meal out of it. Most of them have some sort of garnishment, and many of them have ridiculous ones, like a burger, some onion rings and a ri-gosh-dang-diculous slice of pizza. It’s easy to forget that sometimes there’s a drink underneath all of that codswallop.

Well, one Texas restaurant called Nectar Wine Bar and Ale House has decided to cater to the people who love food on top of their drinks but don’t love Bloody Marys because, frankly, they’re disgusting.

Introducing…the Ultimate Mimosa! Aside from the orange juice and champagne in the mason jar, this gargantuan display of ridiculousness has an array of absurd garnishments, including fruits, cheeses, fuckin’ caviar, a god damn lobster tail, some MF smoked salmon and a FREAKING MUFFIN! I wish you could see my “WTF” face right now because it is as “WTF” as a “WTF” face can get.

With a $28 price tag on this bad boy, it would come as a shock if anyone actually ordered a meal with their drink.

Now I’m just gonna wait until we inevitably start throwing beef brisket into our Jack n’ cokes. Honestly though, I wouldn’t be mad about it.



Photo Credit: Guyville, Panda Whale, Facebook


Fried Chicken and Cheese-stuffed Muffin Is My New Favorite Recipe

Muffin Chicken Sauce

A perfectly fried piece of chicken smothered in hot sauce is one of our favorite meat-t0-sauce combinations. Culinary madman Tym Bussanich was able to transform the awesome paring into a bitesized meal to go. He calls them MILF Muffins: Spicy Chicken Edition.

First you stretch out a pre-made biscuit and add some cubed cheese. Then, you shred a piece of fried chicken and throw in on top of the cheese. Douse the chicken in some Frank’s red hot sauce, or any you prefer, and throw some additional cheese on top.

Seal the edges of the biscuit and place it inside a greased cupcake pan. With the seam facing down, bake the muffin for about 10 minutes at 375 or until it’s golden brown.

Once it’s done, you’ll have a sick muffin stuffed with chicken cheese and hot sauce.

You keep stuffing those muffins, Tym. You can find his other MILF Muffin recipes and other insane recipes here.


Starbucks’ Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino, Now Available In Muffin Form


Let’s be real: who hasn’t taken a swig of a caffeinated milkshake Starbucks Frappuccino and thought, “damn, this would be amazing if I could eat it?” Not to worry, Starbucks Hong Kong hears your inner voice loud and clear.

Coinciding with the return of its Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino — a blend of bitter matcha powder and frapp base topped with sweet red beans — Starbucks’s Red Bean Green Tea Muffin looks a bit like a mossy hill covered in oversized mushrooms. We can only presume the two are meant to be enjoyed together, though with that many calories, maybe we should have gone with a cake pop or macaron instead?

Eh, on second thought, we’d rather have our milkshake muffin.


Spaghetti Pie Muffins are Perfectly Portable Meals


Recipe: Treasure in an Earthen Vessel 


Au Bon Pain Devises Croissant/Sweet Bun Hybrid Called the ‘CroisBun’


Yeah, because we haven’t seen any crazy dessert mashups like that before.

(Exhibit A, B, C)

The latest footnote in the never-ending cronut saga comes from Boston-based bakery Au Bon Pain. A cake-y sweet bun covered with a flaky, croissant-y muffin top, the “CroisBun” is part of the chain’s new seasonal spring menu. Available stuffed with either sweet cream or strawberry and cream cheese, it also happens to be part pull-apart monkey bread, designed to split into three pieces for easy sharing, according to Brand Eating.

Is it new? No. (In fact, hardcore ABP-ers will notice a striking resemblance between this treat and the chain’s former creme de fleurs). Is it delicious? Probably fairly. Is it the perfect example of a once-fascinating food trend now beat to hell and back tenfold? Abso-freaking-lutely.

PicThx ABP

Fast Food

Dunkin’ Donuts to Introduce New Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin


Of all the muffin options out there, it’s a tie for tastiness between blueberry and banana chocolate chip.  I guess Dunkin’ Donuts realized this too, because they’ve introduced a new Banana Chocolate Chip muffin to their bakeries nationwide.

The banana muffin comes topped with sugar and chocolate icing and studded with chocolate chips, and seems like a perfect pairing for a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. Though at nearly 500 calories, you might want to reserve these baked goods for the occasional treat, rather than make it your daily breakfast, as tempting as it might be.

Here’s to hoping the banana chocolate chip muffin is better than Dunkin’s notoriously artificial-tasting blueberry.  What do you think, is the banana muffin here to stay, or simply a passing phase before we return to the classic glazed donut?

H/T Brand Eating + Picthx SunnyQ


These Geometric Molds Enhance Your Muffin Top


I might be in the minority here, but I’m a full-fledged muffin top lover. They’re the best part of any muffin and if we’re all being honest here, the only part worth eating. Luckily, the folks behind these Bakeshape muffin toppers agree and created molds that enhance the treat’s extra spillage.

The quirky muffin molds come with six silicone tops, each in a fun shape to make your dessert look extra suave. The molds are easy to use: simply fill the bottom tin with batter, pop on a silicone top and let that sucker bake!



The shapes also give your muffins little craters in the middle, making for the perfect spot to put jelly, icing or any other toppings you might fancy.

Bakeshapes Muffin Tin and Toppers, $21.99 @ThinkGeek

H/T Nerdalicious  + Picthx ThinkGeek