When You Combine KiX Cereal With Samoa Cookies, Something Beautiful Happens

I grew up eating muddy buddies and Girl Scout cookies (Samoas always being my #1 choice), so I decided that a mash-up may be twice as good! It was.

You may remember Foodbeast Family member June Quan from our spotlight a while back. Better known as StirandStyle, June came up with a brand new recipe that’s incorporates KiX muddy buddies with everyone’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie.

Here’s what you’ll need:

KiX cereal, melted chocolate, melted caramel & heavy cream, powdered sugar, powdered sugar and Samoa cookies.

Here’s what to do:

Drizzle your melted chocolate onto the KiX and mix it together. Then, add your melted caramel mixture to the chocolate-layered KiX. Again, mix.

Coat your sweet KiX in powdered sugar until it’s no longer sticky. Taking the Samoa cookies, chop them up into bite-sized chunks and add them to your KiX mixutre.

Finally, add a generous drizzle of your melted caramel and chow down. Check out the video for the recipe in sweet detail.