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Taco Bell: New $2 Meal Deals

Just like Taco Bell said, no that $2 price tag is not a typo. There is honestly not much you can get for two dollars these days, considering the sky rocketing prices on everything most especially food. Taco Bell steps up their game with four new $2 Meal Deals. Check your different choices after the jump!


Mountain Dew vs. Vault: An Unusual Campaign

Here’s the gig, Coca-Cola is putting forth a new marketing effort to grab a higher percentage of the citrus drink market segment with their beverage, “Vault”. Currently, the overwhelming leader in that specific segment is Mountain Dew. In an attempt to conquer some of that market, Coke has fashioned a promotion entitled, “Don’t Dew It”, which simply put, tells consumers to go out, purchase a Mountain Dew (their direct competitor), and they’ll give you a coupon for a FREE Vault drink. The ramifacations of this campaign are quite obvious in nature…in the immediate future, Coke is boosting the sales of their immediate competitor…but presumably, in the long run, Coke seems to have amazing confidence in their product, and if consumers drink both side-by-side, they will, over time, ween out the “weaker” of the two options. Only time will tell the outcome, until then, drink on! (Thx SoGood)