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US Army Almost Built A Pizza That Would Last 3 Years

When out in the field, US troops can eat a variety of foods such as chicken alfredo, beef tacos, and even Ratatouille thanks to the advancements in their Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE), but one food that has yet to be perfected for our military is pizza.

The US Army did get close in their latest test run, but the slices eventually turned brown during the 6-month test, and were basically inedible, according to Gizmodo.

Pizza is life, and surely troops have begged for it to be added to the combat food lineup, but there have been attempts since at least 2013, and none have been successful.

These MREs are meant to have a three-year shelf life — and at least taste decent — but they can’t seem to get a good pizza recipe that will last that long and preserve its taste.

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The MRE pizza slices got troops excited for a 2018 release, but this “quality issue” put an indefinite delay on the production, so there’s no telling if and when the pizza will actually come out.

Until then, troops will have to make do with their chili mac and ravioli, keeping their fingers crossed that someday science will come through and let them grub on pizza while out in the field.



US Army Develops Pizza That Can Last For Three Years


In the not-to-distant future, US soldiers will be able to tear into a meal pouch and pull out a ready-to-eat pizza. According to Tech Insider, the US Army has developed a pizza that will last three years.

Lauren Oleksyk, food technologist at the US Army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center, says that the meal is a fully-cooked piece of pizza that comes in a package.

The lab specializes in creating meals-ready-to-eat for the military. They had been working on perfecting the pizza for the last five years.

Using Hurdle Technology, the lab was able to stop bacteria from forming. This creates a kind of barrier that protects the pie from bacteria and mold.

While the pizza unsurprisingly won’t be the same as a fresh slice, it’ll taste more like the ones served during lunch time in a school cafeteria. That doesn’t sound bad at all.

The pizza has so far been well-received.


What Army Food Rations Look Like From Country to Country


Get ready to be thankful for that sad desk lunch you’re warily picking at. Redditor itsrattlesnake compiled a series of army rations given to troops around the world.

It’s not everlasting pizza (yet) but many of the spreads feature an impressive showcase of technology and creativity. From flameless heated meal pouches in the US to sophisticated attempts at deer pâté in France and chicken tikka masala in the UK. Although, judging from the warning comments that the chocolate snacks double as laxatives, there’s always room for improvement.

Yes, you’ll be surprised that vodka-soaked biscuits aren’t on the German ration. No, Canada’s meal pack doesn’t contain maple syrup.



Several just-add-water sachets of grapefruit and juice powder. Italian biscotti. Liver sausage spread. Rye Bread. Goulash with potatoes. Sour cherry and apricot jams for breakfast.




Cans of green beans and ham. Squid in vegetable oil. Pate. Sachet of powdered vegetable soup. Peach syrup and crackers handed out to replace dessert bread (not shown). Disposable heater with matches and fuel tabs. Vitamin C, glucose, water purification and rehydration tablets. Yes, we are aware Spain’s pack of tablets looks like a pack of condoms.




Almond poppy seed pound cake. Cranberries. Non-alcoholic apple cider. Peanut butter and crackers. Pasta with vegetable crumbles in spicy tomato sauce. Just-add-water powder to heat up plastic meal pouch.




Bear Paws (win). Salmon fillet with Tuscan sauce or vegetarian couscous. Peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich.

Note: Original source has photo incorrectly switched with Denmark’s army rations. It has been corrected for this post.




Deer pâté. Cassoulet with duck confit. Creole-style pork. Crème chocolate pudding. Coffee and flavored drink powded. Muesli. Dupont d’Isigny caramel. Disposable heater.




A breakfast shot of 40% alcohol cordiale (aka breakfast of champions). Powdered cappuccino. Biscotti. Pasta. Bean soup. Canned turkey. Rice salad. Power sport bar. Canned fruit salad. Muesli chocolate bar. Disposable camping stove.




Kenco coffee. Mini bottle of Tabasco. Chicken tikka masala. Vegetarian pasta. Pork and beans. Trail mix. Apple “fruit pocket” snacks. Packets of Polos. Teabags.




Stuffed peppers. Chicken-meat pâté. Smoked sprats. Liver sausage with potatoes. Crispbreads. Halva with vanilla. Muesli. Fruit pocket. Honey.




Earl Grey Tea. Mini bottle of Tabasco sauce. Beans and bacon in tomato sauce. Golden oatie biscuit. Rowntree’s Tooty Frooties. Flameless heater (similar to US version).




Szechuan chicken noodles. Mushroom, basil, rice and chicken dish. Soya milk with red-bean dessert.

Note: For some reason, the standard packet that usually accompanies the above MREs wasn’t depicted in the original post. Here’s a more accurate representation courtesy of dreamwaltzer.





Vegemite. Jam sandwich biscuits. Tube of sweetened condensed milk. Fonterra processed cheddar cheese. Meatballs and chili tuna pasta. Curious-looking bars labeled “chocolate ration.”

Also, “can-opener-cum-spoon,” aka FRED for “Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device.”


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