Hacks Hit-Or-Miss

Cut Through A Coconut Shell With Just A Few Sheets Of Paper [WATCH]

If you thought your paper cut at the office was bad, there is potential for your paper to do more damage than you ever imagined.

YouTuber Mr. Hacker showed that with just a few sheets of paper and some ingenuity, you can carefully cut through a baguette, bottle cap, and even straight through a coconut.

Mr. Hacker cut a handful of printer paper sheets into the shape of a circular saw, and then literally attached it to a hand saw handle, basically turning the paper into a powerful blade.

It’s both awesome and a bit terrifying to watch the sheets tear through a freakin’ coconut with ease, especially since a few minutes prior, they were nothing more than office supplies.

Check out the full process below, and try it for yourself. Just keep in mind, this would be the absolute worst time to get a paper cut, so be careful.