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CBD-Infused Mozzarella Is The Cozy Warmth We Need This Quarantine

There’s multiple ways to relax amongst these stressful periods of self-isolation, with comfort food and CBD being two of those methods. One cheesemaker is bridging the gap between the two but putting them together into a single CBD mozzarella cheese.

Cheese supplier Caputo Cheese is getting ready to launch their Elevated Cow product line, which takes cannabidiols and infuses them into fresh mozzarella cheese. Owner Natale Caputo has been working on the infused cheeses for the past couple of years and is finally ready to bring it to market.

The CBD-infused mozzarella will come in three different varieties: 5 oz. Ovoline, 8 oz. Bocconcini, and 12 oz. slices. Elevated Cow claims that their mozz comes with a potency of 5 mg of CBD per ounce of cheese. They also verify each batch with lab test results that are sent out to those who purchase it, and will post trackable results to their website.

While CBD mozzarella sounds like an amazing thing to purchase, for now, this will be restricted to restaurant purchase only. This does mean, however, that pizza restaurants and other places selling cheesy creations in the US will be able to create CBD-infused cheese concoctions.

Caputo is targeting to release the CBD mozzarella sometime around 4/20.

#foodbeast FOODBEAST Video

Brace Yourself For Mess Hall Canteen’s ‘SPAM Bomb’

FOODBEAST’s upcoming meat festival, Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at Main Place Mall, is about to turn the wildest dreams of SPAM lovers and meat aficionados into a never-before-seen experience that will showcase unique, MEAT STREET exclusive recipes you won’t find at your local county fair. (Get your tickets here!)

One of the vendors at the festival is Mess Hall Canteen, who has become a model innovator in the mobile food industry, creating share-worthy gourmet dishes that push the limitations of what can be accomplished in a food truck. And they’re bringing plenty of that artillery to MEAT STREET.

Brace yourselves, Mess Hall Canteen is about to set off the SPAM BOMB: a crispy, and cheesy take on Spam musubi. Imagine melty mozzarella and pepper jack cheese, with sliced HICKORY SMOKE SPAM wrapped in a tempura battered nori, and deep fried until golden brown.

Get your cameras ready, because the SPAM BOMB is about to blow up on social media.

Earlier this month, the world was introduced to Mess Hall’s other MEAT STREET item — The Beef Shank, a deep-fried sous vide beef shank, smothered in chipotle barbecue sauce. But, you know that’s wasn’t all the ammo they were packing.

As MEAT STREET gets closer, stay tuned in and you’ll get a chance to preview all the juicy exclusive items that will be available for those in attendance at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, Calif., April 22.

Earlier, the world got its first look at Doner Saltado, a MEAT STREET specific recipe created by So Cal-based Doner G Turkish & Mediterranean Grill.

For more MEAT STREET event information visit or check out the event page on Facebook!

Fast Food

McDonald’s Serves Up Hollow Mozzarella Sticks And Issues A Cheesy Apology

A lot of McDonald’s customers have been airing out their grievances lately, and rightly so, since air is all that they’ve been getting in their mozzarella sticks.

According to Consumerist, after enough customers started taking to Twitter to call out the global burger restaurant, McDonald’s responded by giving some lame apologetic response, and began promising a future in which people who purchase mozzarella sticks will get mozzarella sticks, rather than these fried shells of former glory.

The Chicago Tribune received an email from a McDonald’s spokesperson explaining the blunder, saying that, “In these instances, we believe the cheese melted out during the baking process in our kitchens and shouldn’t have been served. We apologize to any customers who may have been affected. We are working to fix this in our restaurants.”

Who knows? Maybe one day fried sticks of air will actually be a thing. Until then, GIVE US OUR CHEESE, DAMMIT!

Photo Credit: Consumerist, Delish

Fast Food

McDonald’s $1 Mozzarella Sticks Will Now Be Sold NATIONALLY


In huge news, McDonald’s just announced that they’re adding Mozzarella Sticks to national menus. Last year, the fast food chain had been testing the cheese sticks for a $1 an order. Looks like those tests were successful.

Business Insider reports that McDonald’s US President Mike Andres just announced at an investors’ meeting the cheesy new plan to go national starting next year.

Apparently, the mozzarella sticks were a hit in Wisconsin where the company had been testing the menu item. An order of mozzarella sticks consisted of three pieces and some marinara-like dipping sauce. Business Insider says that the consumer base was looking for more snacking options to customize their meals with.

The sticks will continue to be sold at $1 for an order of three sticks. Looking for them sometime in early 2016.

Photo: McDonald’s


Glorious Deep-Fried Pizza Balls Wrapped In Bacon


A few weeks back, we head a pizza challenge that featured some of the raddest chefs on Instagram. Among them was Nick from DudeFoods who created a Sweet and Sour Chicken Pizza.

Turns out, he had a back-up creation we never knew about: Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Pizza Balls.

Similar to the Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Peanut Butter Balls he made a while back, he threw some mozzarella cheese in an ice cube tray, covered it in pizza sauce and tossed it into the freezer. The frozen ball of cheese and sauce is then coated in flour, dipped in egg wash and rolled in breadcrumbs. They’re then carefully wrapped in bacon and deep-fried for a few minutes.

Yet another DudeFoods creation that’s given us glorious heartburn from across the Internet.


One Of The Internet’s Most Inventive Chefs Created A PIZZA BURGER MOZZARELLA Stick

Mozzarella sticks are the unsung heroes of appetizers. The deep-fried sticks of dairy serve as a precursor to an awesome meal or as an awesome meal themselves. What if there was a way to improve on the simple cheese and breading?

Our pal, The Vulgar Chef, created an ingenious new variation of the iconic mozzarella stick. Taking a mozzarella roll, he stuffed it with ground beef, pepperoni and wrapped the cheese around it. The roll is then thrown into egg wash and breaded.

Here’s the best part,  before going into the deep fryer, the giant cheese stick is dusted with Hot Cheetos. What comes next is a Pizza Burger Mozzarella Stick.

Check out the video below for more details on how to make this beefy, cheesy beast.


New Study Finds the Absolute Best Cheese Option for Your Pizza, the Answer Absolutely will NOT Shock You


If you put the wrong variety of cheesy gooey goodness on your pie, it’s all over. Aside from the most common option of mozzarella, many pizza creators often experiment with multiple cheeses. However, there has yet to be an absolutely conclusive study to find the best-suited cheese to go on pizza — until now.

Various cheeses have different effects when baking. Mozzarella has a tendency to bubble, brown and become elastic when exposed to high temperatures, while Cheddar tends to simply melt. Naturally, you’d want a cheese that is able to adhere to the pizza instead of simply oozing off.

NPR reported a study appearing in the Journal of Food Science, “Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality,” that aimed to find the best-fitting cheese for a pizza. The study compared the relationship between multiple cheeses on a pizza once it’s baked. Among the cheeses studied were mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, gruyere and Colby.

According to the results, you only need one cheese, and that cheese is mozzarella

Yep. The scientists discovered that mozzarella was the best option for pizza due to its low free oil content and overall elasticity, traits the other cheeses couldn’t quite measure up to.

While the cheese study seemed a bit unnecessary to begin with, the high level reasoning behind the study was in hope to further understand the dairy product better on a micro-level so they can develop a low-fat and healthier alternative to cheese with little to no quality loss.

H/T Gizmodo

Fast Food

McDonald’s Testing McMozzarella Sticks with McMarinara Sauce


We’re not sure how to feel about this, but it seems at least one McDonald’s location in New Jersey is testing a box of three piece mozzarella sticks for a dollar. Gettin’ crazy up in here.

Previously criticized by its own COO Tim Fenton for “overcomplicating” its menu, McDonald’s introducing yet another non-burger item even in test markets may look like a strange move. According to the interwebs, however, mozzarella sticks were previously available at McDonald’s locations in the UK, so they’re not a totally foreign concept.

The new sticks were recently spotted by Grubgrade reader, complete with marinara sauce and a handy sticker letting you know how many pieces were inside. No word yet on what other locations the breaded cheese tubes might be available at, but as long as they don’t plan on calling them McMozarella sticks, we’re not complaining.