What If All Our Favorite Movies Were About Food?


We may not yet have perfected smell-o-vision, but this may be the next best thing for feeding our culinary obsessions.  All your favorite movie titles now come in new delicious flavors, thanks to the wonderful people over at Snack To the Future, a website dedicated to taking your favorite movies, and giving them a little more bite.


Delectable titles like “The Curious Quesadilla of Benjamin Button” and “Little Miss Capri Sunshine” are cute in a cheeky sort of way. Jurassic Pork actually makes me kind of hungry, and I don’t know what to make of that.  But, as is the case with any collection of movies,  there are the great ones, and the Oscar winners:

Braveheartichoke is too perfect for words.


127 Hors D’oeuvres may already seem a little sinister, but it gets way worse when you read the next line: “Every Bite Counts.”  If you know 127 Hours, you can’t help but cringe, shut your eyes, and chuckle, just a tiny bit.


Personally, my favorite is “Thoreo: The God of Omnomnom”


I don’t think I need to explain why.

What’s your favorite foodified poster? Let us know in the comments!

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Eat Captain America’s Shield Turned Huevos Rancheros For Breakfast


So, maybe it’s a little ironic that it would be Captain America’s iconic stars-and-stripes shield that gets turned into the Mexican breakfast staple, but that hardly matters, because look how cool this is!

It’s the standard huevos rancheros, plus a little ingenuity.  And also food coloring. Salsa, cheese, beans, an egg, a tortilla, and bam. You’ve got a box-office-shattering breakfast on your table. Now all you need is a Chris Evans to enjoy it with. Best of luck on that last part. In the meantime, check out the full recipe at Kitchen Overlord.

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Labyrinth Wedding Cake is Six Tiers of Awesome


These past few days have been excellent for Labyrinth paraphernalia. First, we brought you these hand-painted Etsy mugs featuring two of the cult classic’s many memorable characters. The set could easily become a pair of his-and-her mugs, perfect for the lucky couple who commissioned this kick-ass wedding cake.


Tracey of the Black Cherry Cake Company has made herself a hero for 80s babies everywhere when she retold Jim Henson’s puppets-on-LSD fairy tale. With a cake. It’s everything a person needs in life.

I tried to tell the story moving up the cake, the bottom tier depicts the start of the Labyrinth with the tiny blue worm, Riddle Guards, Door knockers, red lipstick arrows, stone book chair and other doorways.

From there Sarah makes her to the Fire Gang and the bog of eternal stench, Hoggle is sat around the bag holding the peach.
Ludo is sat ontop of a rock in the the Bog inside a Jareth glass ball.

From there they all make their way to the Goblin city on the next tier and the clock showing she is running out of time. She makes her way to the Goblin Castle into the starirs maze, Toby is sat around the back holding a glass ball. Then on top is Jareth and Sarah in the ballroom scene as it is afterall a wedding cake!






The downside? She expects us to devour Ludo whole. Heartlessness has never existed in a more heinous form.

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Labyrinth Mugs are Creepy, Awesome


There are very few thing’s that could make Jim Henson’s 1986 cult-classic Labyrinth more amazing or more creepy. Monster puppets? Check. 1980’s rock ballads? Check.  Jennifer Connelly performing early-era fanfic-slash in a geeky-chic nightgown? Check.

David Bowie in classic drag? Check, check and check.

Great, so now that we’ve agreed no one can improve the classic, let’s move on to paraphernalia — most recently these hand-painted mugs featuring those weird-ass door knockers that, like almost everyone else in the movie (excupt Ludo, of course. Who doesn’t love Ludo?), were entirely useless in finding that darn baby.

RileyMicDesigns of Etsy hand paints each mug, and says they are a-okay for dishwashers, but recommends hand-washing, because seriously, have you seen the movie? Make one mistake, and BAM, you’ve eaten a date-rape peach, and you’re in a weird masquerade with David Bowie and bubbles.


Labyrinth Door Knocker Coffee Mugs $25 (Set of 2) @Etsy

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Parody Ben & Jerry’s Movie Flavors

There can never be enough flavors of ice cream in the world. Check out these awesome mock-ups of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream based on popular movies from the past year. Designed by the creative minds from poster design firm Old Red Jalopy, these original flavors prove that you really can call anything ice cream. Don’t you think?

Among my favorites of the range are:

The Swirl with the Dragon Cashews

New Years Peach

Caramello Activity

But also be sure to check out the rest at NextMovie!

(via: NextMovieBlog Photos: Old Red Jalopy)

Lil Rascals: Fuck Bitches, Get Pickles

Let the truth ring free. Every now and then, “bitches” (quote-un-quote) will get on your jock, mess with your bank account, mess with your mind, and then talk shit on your mom. If you aren’t part of the He-Man Woman Haters Club, then you need to get on your grind! Today’s lesson, straight from Captain Buckwheat himself, “Fuck Bitches, Get Pickles”. (Thx Dez Yusuf)


Spider-Man Pancakes Pan

As a kid I never really got into superheroes, but if I had to choose one to be it would probably be Spiderman. Flying is cool and all but swinging would make me feel like tarzan which would be rad. This pan would have been perfect to have after watching all three Spiderman movies on tv the other day. It’s weird though the pan is non-stick and that isn’t very spidy-esk. (Thx IncredibleThings)


Pizza Hut: Free Pizza for John and Sarah Connors

Come May 21st, anyone by the lucky name of John Connor or Sarah Connor will be eligible for a free medium one-topping pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut! Just bring your government-issued I.D. to a participating Pizza Hut to claim your goodness! All of this is in honor of the upcoming release of the highly anticipated film Terminator Salvation. In addition to this giveaway, Pizza Hut will be sending one lucky Terminator fan (and a guest) to Hollywood to attend the world premier; also included in the package will be access to the after-party and a behind-the-scenes tour of Warner Bros. Studios. Between now and May 4th, 2009, you can sign up for this craziness over at the PizzaHut website. By the way, did anyone hear that the Sarah Connor Chronicles just got scrapped, apparently, no more Season 3! How interesting.