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13 of the Best Food-Themed Movies and TV Shows

The only thing we love more than eating and cooking is watching others eat and cook. Whether it’s real-life kitchen masters or fictional hungry patrons, we cannot get enough of people preparing wonderful-looking food or dining on it. We sit from the comfort of our couch, bed, or theater seat and revel in the idea of enjoying such tasty treats, even if we must briefly live vicariously through those on the big or small screen. So let’s talk about our favorite food-themed movies and television shows.


In Jon Favreau’s love letter to cooking and the DIY approach, Chef shows what it’s like for one man to bail on a popular L.A. restaurant to find his culinary truth in a food truck. He lovingly serves up Cuban sandwiches across the country with his best friend and son, rediscovering what made him fall in love with being a chef in the first place. Plus, there are so many close-ups and sound clips of food being cooked, that you can’t get through the flick without eating.


With some legitimately gorgeous shots of Paris, Ratatouille tells the story of a seasoning expert, foodie rat teaming up with a young goofball in a highly touted restaurant’s kitchen. Remy the rat is mocked by his family for his love of flavor (although they come around) as Alfredo the human is mocked for his lack of skill (although he comes around, too). It’s a cute tale that focuses on what food-lovers will do in order to earn their keep in the culinary world.

A Cook’s Tour / No Reservations / The Layover / Parts Unknown

It seems like we could just watch Anthony Bourdain bounce around the globe and eat forever. He’s our favorite person to send out into the world to try, taste, and savor the cuisine we don’t have the luxury or luck to do ourselves. He’s respected by his peers and he seems like a guy who’s ready to have a beer with you. He can be all things, but, aside from his life as a chef, he’s best at being a guide.


When an exceptional chocolatier and daughter move to a French village filled with rather stiff religious traditionalists, they don’t exactly fit in. But the charming confectionary shop begins to turn the tide, transforming the stern locals into colorful enthusiasts one by one, all as the mayor rallies against such a nest of temptation. It’s hard not to treat your sweet tooth after watching Chocolat.

The Trip

In The Trip, both a show and a movie, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play fictionalized versions of themselves on a restaurant tour in England. It’s largely an effort for Coogan to impress his foodie girlfriend, despite being a pretty unhappy person. Throughout the adventure, the two men bicker like brothers and attempt to outdo each other, especially when it comes to impressions, always eating at fancy eateries. And then The Trip to Italy came a few years later.

Iron Chef / Iron Chef America

Iron Chef has been a fascinating staple of the culinary world since it began in mid-90s Japan. Its original incarnation only lasted until the turn of the century, but the cooking show’s since splintered off into individual country concepts, including Iron Chef America. It’s a dramatic timed cook-off, with each episode focused on a specific secret ingredient. Given the hosts’ passionate delivery of each competition, a standard set by “Chairman Kaga” back in the day, it’s pretty dang memorable.

Soul Food

So much happens around a family’s dining room table that we tend to forget its importance. It’s so constant and true that it seems too obvious to be valued. But in this movie about a Chicago family that has Sunday dinners together every week, we’re reminded of how much we engage each other sitting around and eating. While every event of our lives certainly doesn’t happen in the dining room, we discuss, debate, and catch-up at the table, ideally over good, hearty food.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

In the fascinating documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, we behold Jiro Ono and his journey to serve his life goal of perfecting sushi. He’s no novice, though. When we meet him, he’s already the 85-year-old owner of a celebrated sushi restaurant in Tokyo known as Sukiyabashi Jiro and been a qualified sushi chef since 1951. Many consider him the most masterful sushi craftsman alive, with even former President Barack Obama once claiming that Ono’s sushi is the best he’s ever had in his life. It’s magical to behold a professional so dedicated to and passionate about his craft.

Top Chef

There are many programs like Top Chef, and even some spin-offs, but this has always been a favorite. Chefs compete against each other and try their best to impress a panel of celebrated figures from the food industry. It’s been around for more than a decade now, having brought in such big names as Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, and Anthony Bourdain along the way.

Julie & Julia

Scrumptious food and the people behind it have a tremendous impact on us. Such was the case when Julie Powell tried to make all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s bestselling book Mastering the Art of French Cooking (written alongside Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle). Powell kept tabs on her progress via a blog that later became this film adaptation, telling the story of Powell figuring out life in the process of her self-appointed cooking challenge as well as Child making her way through Paris and Le Cordon Bleu. It’s lovely.

Good Eats

On Good Eats, Alton Brown dove into the what lead to the final result of food. He was all about history, science, technique, and equipment. People compared him to the likes of Bill Nye and Mr. Wizard, if they only focused on food. Brown seemed to love what he did over the course of more than a dozen seasons. In fact, the show earned him both a Peabody Award and a James Beard Foundation award nomination for “Best T.V. Food Journalism.”

Big Night

Stanley Tucci’s film about two Italian brothers trying to make it on the New Jersey restaurant scene in the 1950s is a masterpiece. Even Roger Ebert started off his glowing review by claiming that Big Night was “one of the great food movies.” It’s not hard to see why. The film shows and talks of food as if it is the most powerful and wonderful force in the world. The process of cooking is as celebrated as it is honored, but always with the acknowledgement that you can’t satisfy every single eater.

The French Chef

Julia Child’s cooking show in the ’60s and ’70s celebrated the encouraging chef’s love for all things food. The French Chef was one of the first shows of its kind in the United States and it made the fanciest of French cuisine seem doable in the homes of American audiences. She was like the Mr. Rogers of the culinary world, and the show won her a Primetime Emmy as well as a Peabody Award.

Animals Film/Television Now Trending

Netflix’s Revolutionary New Film ‘Okja’ Is Causing People To Go Vegan

Netflix has a new movie that’s highlighting the horrors of the meat industry, and people are responding very strongly to it on the internet.

In case you haven’t heard about the new film, Okja, yet, I highly recommend checking it out on Netflix ASAP. Director Bong Joon Ho has crafted a terrific and tear-jerking tale of Okja, a “super-pig” created out of corporate greed, and it’s caretaker, Mija. As Mija tries to save Okja from being slaughtered, harrowing truths about meat-packing, animal activism, ethics in capitalism, and a whole lot more are unearthed.

The reactions from the Twitter-verse after having seen Okja show many people declaring their love for animals and some professing to go vegan. As a result of many viewers catching the groundbreaking film, Twitter was full of such recantations of meat.

What’s surprising to note is that although the movie may convince you to turn to a plant-based lifestyle, Okja is meant to be more about capitalism and corruption than it is about trying to turn people away from their carnivorous habits. It’s asking us to be more conscious about the eating choices we make based on ethics rather than plastering all individuals who eat a certain diet.

Hopefully, after watching Okja, you’ll be able to understand that message and become more aware about the food you’re eating.


Here’s Why ‘Sausage Party’ Unexpectedly Killed Box Office Sales

In a generation so food-obsessed, Sony, with the help of Seth Rogen, hit it out of the park with audiences via their animated food comedy “Sausage Party.” The film started out with a Rotten Tomato score of 93 and now holds a still impressive 83. It brought in more than double of what predictions had set for it, grossing $33.6 million. The trailer has 21 million views, so how did it come to be that a raunchy animated film about sausages did so much better than the industry thought it would?

The premise of the movie is that all grocery store products are constantly awaiting salvation (or purchase by a customer), but in actuality they are being chosen to be skinned alive and die a painful death.

Today’s food culture has become centered around trending recipes and food that is photo-worthy and this movie’s unexpected success is proof that food is such a resonating topic with today’s young adults who have grown up with a unique and special connection with it. So it’s no surprise that this raunch-fest that has such a noteworthy mastermind behind it, and who is also responsible for many of our other favorite box office hits, did so well.

“What the filmmakers brought really inspired the marketing team to do things really different — just like the film itself,” President of Sony Distribution told TheWrap

Overall, it’s foul-mouthed hilarity that is based on the doomed journey that food takes when it is purchased, and it’s that kind of crude humor in an unsuspected setting that Generation-Y eats up. Rogen’s original concept and his ability to connect with young adults through his suggestive films surely had a part in the movie’s resonance with the audience.

Fine Brothers Entertainment does a short review of the trailer with some older folks, and here you can watch them react to the trailer, and in a predictable way at that. The folks are repulsed by the language and ultimately confused at why an A-list cast would succumb to being associated with such a film. I firmly believe that all that our generation wants is to be kids forever, and one gentleman in the elders review solidifies the biggest difference between them and us. He says that he was a fan of cartoons when he was young… then slams them by basically saying, “and then I grew up.” Burn. But with a generation that lives for Disneyland and food porn pics, this movie hit the nail on the head as far as reading today’s audience, and it’s got the numbers to prove it.

Ultimately we’re able to thoroughly enjoy the inappropriate writing and twisted animation, while also forgetting about being adults for a second.



Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelis


New ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Poster Will DELIGHT Breakfast Lovers


The DC Comics summer blockbuster Suicide Squad is a little more than a month away and promotions have begun kicking into gear for the comic book movie. A new IMAX poster for the film dropped this morning featuring all the members of “Task Force X” as marshmallows in a bowl of breakfast cereal.

Director David Ayer shared the colorfully clever new poster on his Twitter page. Check it out.

Suicide Squad opens in North America on August 5. It stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney and Joel Kinnaman. This will be the third movie in the DC Extended Universe, following Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Baker Made Lifesize Batman & Superman Cakes With Impressive Detail

The United Kingdom is notorious for making less-than-stellar food in a wide variety of categories. One baker has made certain that nobody ever questions her gangster ass skills again.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.30.54 PM

Rose Macefield, an accomplished author, tutor and artist of all things baked and sugary, recently made two of the most impressive cakes we’ve ever seen in time for the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.30.26 PM

After nearly 200 hours of work, Macefield finally completed her larger-than-life cakes just in time for both the March Cake International Show and the release of the film in theaters.

Macefield has done some astounding work with cakes, including a long list of other amazing creations, namely the giant head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in honor of the gargantuan reptilian classic, Jurassic Park.



Photo Credit: Macefield’s School of Sugarcraft

Celebrity Grub

Watch The Intense New Trailer For Bradley Cooper’s Cooking Drama BURNT


The trailer for Bradley Cooper’s new cooking drama Burnt hit the Internet this morning and it looks pretty delicious.

According to JoBlo, the film centers around Cooper’s character Adam:

Adam Jones is a Chef who destroyed his career with drugs and diva behavior. He cleans up and returns to London, determined to redeem himself by spearheading a top restaurant that can gain three Michelin stars.

Directed by Shameless show runner John Wells and written by Peeky Blinders‘ Steven Knight, the film is set to debut October 23. It also stars Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Emma Thompson and Lily James.

Two Major NYC Movie Chains Might Start Serving Alcohol Soon


Sometimes, sitting in a theater with noisy kids and chatty parents can get pretty annoying quick. If only they’d let you drink in New York movie theaters.

Turns out, New Yorkers may see themselves holding a cold cocktail in the movies sooner then they think.

The Nitehawk Cinema, located in Williamsburg, is working to try and serve cocktails with its movie showings. Owner Matthew Viragh has petitioned the state of New York to overturn the alcohol ban in movie theaters.

Governor Cuomo, has since, signed off a new law that state theaters are allowed to serve alcohol as long as they’re also restaurants.

To meet the requirements, The Nitehawk would have to first obtain a liquor license. Afterwards, they’ll have to begin setting up tables and foods you can’t find at a confectionary stand. Sorry, nachos.

Taking cues from Nitehawk, it’s reported that two unnamed movie theater chains have hired Nitehawk’s lawyer to help them undergo a similar process. Some options thrown around where fold-out tray tables and armrests to place the food on once you’re inside the theater.

No word yet as to who these major chains are. One thing is for sure, however, expect to pay a hefty sum for theater booze.



‘Blind Side’ Director to Helm McDonald’s Origin Film

In case you needed another movie about a CEO’s rise to megalomania (read: The Social Network or either Steve Jobs movie), you can soon find out how McDonald’s got so damn popular.

John Lee Hancock, known for writing and directing The Blind Side, is in talks to direct an origin story about the founder of McDonald’s…called The Founder.

Hopefully, the title gets more imaginative between now and its release.

The film, written by Robert Siegel (The Wrestler), covers Ray Kroc usurping the actual McDonald brothers from their small burger company in 1950s Southern California.

Despite learning that McDonald’s as we know it grew out of some creative backstabbing, it should be interesting to see how the film portrays the fast food giant in a simpler time.

At the very least, it couldn’t be worse than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

H/t The Hollywood Reporter