This Vodka Nutsack Cake Is Creamy in All the Right Places


Movember doesn’t really have anything to do with nut sacks, but it has to do with men’s health, and men do have nut sacks, so here’s a nut sack cake.

The Tipsy Bartender YouTube channel looks for creative ways to use your favorite adult beverages and in this case, they made a creamy, oddly-shaped vodka nut sack cake.

To make the cake, they crumbled up pieces of pound cake, added some icing, poured in some cake-flavored vodka and started mixing. There wasn’t a whole lot of technique used in shaping the balls, but it was about as sacky as cake can be on the fly.

They added caramel to the frosting for a more realistic flesh tone and used chocolate sprinkles as pubes.

I mean, the cake looks more like a pube-covered heart, but whatever works.


This Vegas Brewery Will Give you Discounts Based on Mustache Size


For those with the ability to grow facial hair, Movember is the perfect opportunity to showcase that natural talent. Movember is a month-long movement promoting awareness of men’s health issues, including prostate cancer. Within the last few weeks of the month, some pretty sick mustaches are born.

Sin City Brewing Company, a Las Vegas-based brewery, is offering special discounts to customers with mustaches in what they call a MovemBEER promotion. If you’re rocking a stache in November, and in the neighborhood, Sin City Brewing is offering five different discounts based on the facial hair.

The discount as follows for the first pint:

  • 10% – BARLEY Chaplin
  • 20% – HOPprentice
  • 30% – HandleBEERS
  • 40% – EinSTEIN
  • 50% – Fu ManBREW

Ladies, however, are not excluded from this offer. They can tweet a photo of a “fingerstache” to @SinCityBeer with the hashtag #MovemBEER and get the discount after presenting evidence to the bartender. The promotional discount applies to all three of Sin City Brewing Company’s locations.

They company plans to donate a proceed of its MovemBEER profits to the Movember Foundation.


Burt Reynolds Éclair


Picthx Lou Lou P’s Delights


Munchstache Cookie Cutters

For me November means Thanksgiving, family, colder weather and mustaches. The upper lip companion can be seen everywhere this month and cookies are no exception. Munchstache Cookie Cutters, that’s right. Nothing more appetizing than sinking your teeth into some “hairy” treats. This kit comes with five assorted cutters, everything from the classy dad stache to the handlebar one fit for porn star. ($9.99 @ Perpetual Kid)