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Candy Grillz Comes in Watermelon and Sour Apple Flavors

Grillz Candy

When I was younger (read: last week), I’d create homemade grillz with aluminum foil by molding a strip to my teeth. This was due to that fact that I couldn’t afford the real deal or silver varieties. Assuming a majority of you are in the same boat (no sweet diamond-crusted mouthpiece for us), there’s a tastier version in the form of Grillz Candy.

Grillz Candy

Pop one of these suckers in, and you get a two-for-one deal — an impressively glittery smile and a lollipop that comes in watermelon, strawberry, peach and sour apple flavors. At $4 a pop, this bling is something even Nelly would envy! Maybe.

Candy Grillz, $4 @Fred Flare

Picthx Fred Flare