Vegan Dies Climbing Mt. Everest Trying To Prove That Vegans Are Strong

Vegans have this incessant need to prove to everybody that their way of life is the best. It’s understandable, especially since the entire premise of being a vegan relies on saving animal lives, theoretically. So why wouldn’t they try to convince everyone that their way is the right way? Hell, I know I would.

That’s partially what led to the unfortunate demise of Dr. Maria Strydom, lecturer at Melbourne University.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.47.27 PM

Strydom and her husband were both practicing vegans, and both stuck to their diet wholeheartedly and vehemently. Strydom was tired of people constantly berating others who practiced the vegan lifestyle. Many people regularly asked her and her husband about their supposed iron and protein deficiencies, to the point where they felt they needed to address the stereotype once and for all.

“It seems that people have this warped idea of vegans being malnourished and weak. By climbing the seven summits we want to prove that vegans can do anything and more.”

According to the Times report, the Strydoms decided to start climbing the Seven Summits (the seven tallest peaks in the world, one on each continent) just to prove to everyone that the stereotype isn’t true. They knew they would have to get to Everest eventually.

Before reaching the peak, Strydom suffered from a pulmonary embolism and passed away. Whether this was brought on by the cold, her diet, a combination of both or an entirely different reason is still unknown. Her husband also suffered from a pulmonary embolism, but was treated and taken care of before it was fatal.



Photo Credit: I’m Nepal, The Australian


Nothing Screams Romance More Than Mining From A Chocolate Mountain


For those sweating over Valentine’s Day plans, here’s a sweet idea. A department store in Japan is offering couples the chance to mine their own chocolate from a mountain made of the cocoa confectionary.

RocketNews 24 reports that the Isetan department store in Shinjuku Japan is offering a Valentine’s Day promotion where lovers can chip away at a miniature mountain range made entirely of chocolate.

Imagine feeling like a kaju with low blood sugar standing next to this wondrous beauty.

A single glass bottle of chocolate you mine will run you about 1,500 yen ($13 US). Not a bad price for a whimsical activity.

It’ll definitely something we’d remember doing years later.

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Sadly, the chocolate mountain special ends the day after Valentine’s. Wonder what they’ll do with all that chocolate if they can’t get rid of it?

We might have a few suggestions.

Cover Photo: Kloka Facebook


‘Mountain Pong’ Is The Beer Pong Expansion Set You Never Knew You Wanted

If you think classic beer pong isn’t as challenging as it used to be, you might want to look into Mountain Pong. A new Kickstarter campaign is boasting a new concept that takes the time-honored drinking game to another level.


Mountain Pong consists of two uniquely-designed cupholders that the drinks are placed in. While keeping the original six-cup base, three new elevated levels are added to make things a little more challenging.


The set is completely mobile and can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere you can put it down.

Currently, the project is live on Kickstarter with a goal of $30,000. As of publication, it’s reached a little more than $2,000. If you’re interested in seeing Mountain Pong in your future, you know what to do.



20 Breathtaking Steps To Cooking Bacon & Pancakes On A Norwegian Mountaintop


Sometimes the trek between the bedroom to the kitchen to cook breakfast can be downright difficult. Even then, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The next time anyone’s feeling sluggish in the mornings, look to redditor Oelund as an inspiration. This dude not only took the trouble to wake up and cook, but even managed to do it outdoors. Atop a mountain.

In a simple 20-step guide, pretty much anyone can be as epic as this guy, provided they have the dedication to see their breakfast through. We post a lot of FoodPorn on this site, but prepare yourselves for some pretty dirty EarthPorn.


Step 1


Pick a mountain.

Step 2


Walk to the mountain, or drive if you’re more inclined to do so. Whatever gets you there with enough steam to go ahead with your adventure. Aim for an area with snow. You’ll see.

Step 3


Climb the mountain. Probably the toughest of the 20 steps. Don’t look down, amiright?

Step 4


Unpack and assemble your gear. Bacon, water, pancake mix, gas stove and aluminum pan. If you forgot to pack these, don’t even bother to take in the view. Just go back and get them first.

Step 5


Taking a gas stove and aluminum pan, add your bacon and begin cooking.

Step 6


Inspect your bacon. Nobody’s around to criticize your cooking skills. Prepare it however you enjoy it. Also, check out the view.

Step 7


Cook the rest of your bacon.  You’ve earned all the extra protein.

Step 8


Once again, take a minute to enjoy the view. Don’t eat all the bacon at once. There’s still pancakes to be made.

Step 9


Add water to your skillet. You brought water, right?

Step 10


Add water to pancake mix. You could also make the pancakes from scratch, but who wants to lug around all that extra stuff. Because instant pancakes.

Step 11


Shake the mix like you’re the king of the world. If you wanna do a Tarzan shout, it’s probably the only acceptable time to do so.

Step 12


Pour pancake mix onto hot skillet. Mmmm bacon grease.

Step 13


Start cooking your pancakes, allowing the bacon to waft into your nose. I lied earlier about bacon conservation. If you’re still feeling peckish during the pancake cooking experience, allow yourself to snack on some cooked bacon.

Step 14


The most beautiful sight on Earth.

Step 15


If you even wanna wrap them together, all the better. Sorry Mother Nature, I’m staring at this bacon-wrapped pancake at the moment.

Step 16


Cut some snow out from the ice bank. Remember?

Step 17


Add some snow, the cleaner the better, into a small shot glass.

Step 18


Pour some whiskey in. Any hard liquor will do really, but since you just scaled a mountain, it’s probably OK if you brought some daiquiris.

Step 19


Drink up and take in the gorgeous sight.

Step 20


Take a panoramic shot of the view to show off on social media. Get ready to walk off all that pancakes and bacon.


Picthx Oelund