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Mountain Dew And AMC Are Letting You Face The Walking Dead In Real Life

Are you ready to face The Walking Dead when the show returns October 22nd? Well, thanks to AMC and Mountain Dew, you can get a jump start on viewing some walkers.

Photo courtesy of AMC, Mountain Dew, and the Walking Dead.

To celebrate the return of this iconic show, Mountain Dew is helping AMC launch a unique augmented reality experience. By scanning specially marked bottles of Mountain Dew with an app, you can interact with walkers in real life. These experiences can then be shared on social media.

If you’re interested in this AR experience, you simply need to download the required app, already available for both iOS and Android. From there, 20 oz. single-serve bottles and 12-pack 12 oz. bottles marked with The Walking Dead labels can be scanned with the app. Additionally, Mountain Dew commercials that air during episodes of the show this season will also provide opportunities to unlock new walkers.

The walkers can be found on bottles of Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Black, and Diet Mountain Dew. They will arrive in stores soon if not there already. Thus, if you’re looking for an opportunity to mess around with some walkers early, check this cool AR experience out. It’s a fun way to pass the time until the show returns in late October.