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Skittles’ Nasty New Mother’s Day Commercial Features A Giant Umbilical Cord

There’s only a handful of days left until Mother’s Day. If you haven’t gotten your mom anything yet, now’s the time to jump on it. Because nothing should break the bond between a mother and her child.

With that said, Skittles created an unconventional commercial to celebrate the national holiday dedicated to moms.

The video shows a young man sitting on the couch with his mother sharing a bag of skittles. Innocent enough, right?

To viewers’ horror, we see that the mother and son are sharing the rainbow-flavored candy through an umbilical cord connected between his belly and her uterus. Through that connection, he can physically taste the piece of candy she puts in her mouth.


Check out the hilariously disgusting Skittles advert and see for yourselves if the brand might have gone too far this Mother’s Day.

Gotta give them major props for shooting their shot though.

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For One Day, Hooters Is Treating Moms To Free Wings

Who: Hooters

What: In honor of Mother’s Day, moms across the country will receive a free entree courtesy of the wing-slingin’ restaurant chain.

Free menu items include 10-piece Traditional Wings, 10-piece Boneless Wings, a Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, a Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Salad, or the Hooters Burger.

To get the free entrees, you must purchase a regularly-priced beverage.

Where: Any participating Hooters locations across the United States.

When: On Mother’s Day, May 14.

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Watch These Moms Try Baby Food For The First Time

It’s a parents duty to taste every food that goes into their newborn’s body. Whether it’s breast milk or packaged baby food, you gotta know what your’e feeding your kid.

The folks over at Facts got a group of moms together to try a batch of different types of baby food for the first time. Baby food includes infant milk (breast milk substitute), baby puree, gourmet dinner cups, and baby desserts.

Now, we’ve watched Facts try dozens of foods from all over the world in the past few years. This, however, may be the least appetizing journey they’ve embarked upon.

Still, check out the video above. If there’s a takeaway from this, it’s that maybe you’ll appreciate your mother a little more seeing all the gross baby foods she had to try to make sure you could eat them.

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For Mother’s Day, Tim Hortons Is Selling Donut Hole Bouquets For Moms

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and you’re gonna want to get your mom something sweet to show you care. Because flowers have been done to death, why not get her something a little more creative? Something she can enjoy with her morning cup of coffee.

Donut and coffee chain Tim Hortons created a bouquet out of their popular Timbits (donut holes), in honor of Mother’s Day.

The bouquet features a variety of 24 Timbits ranging from chocolate, glazed, sprinkled, and other flavors thrown on long-stemmed skewers and packaged with decorative paper in a Mother’s Day-themed box.

A perfect last-minute gift for anyone in a pinch.

You can find the Timbits Bouquet at participating Tim Hortons locations in the United States and Canada for $7.99. They will only be available on Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 14.

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Watch Kraft’s Charmingly Vulgar Mother’s Day Commercial

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this year, Kraft is giving moms a little extra love. In honor of the National Holiday, the mac and cheese brand teamed up with swearing expert Melissa Mohr, Ph.D., in a hilarious commercial short: Swear Like a Mother.

The idea is that moms aren’t perfect, they’ll mess up just like everyone else because they’re human. This includes swearing like a sailor upon occasion. Statistically, 74 percent of moms have admitted to swearing in front of their own children.

Mohr is the author of Holy Sh*T: A Brief History of Swearing, a book on alternative swear words moms can use around their kids.

Check out the short in the video above. This officially serves as your first reminder to get your mom something for Mother’s Day.

Kraft is also developing adorable mac and cheese ear plugs for children, in case swearing alternatives cannot be found in the heat of the moment.


All The Free Food To Get Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is seriously getting closer. If you’re the kind of kid that procrastinates when it comes to doing something for your mom on her day, fear not. We dug around and found a few delicious things you can get her this Sunday.

Unless said otherwise, all the deals will be available on Sunday, May 8: Mother’s Day.




What’s the deal? Mimi’s Cafe is offering mothers a 3-course meal for $16.99. This includes a soup or salad, a main entree and a dessert. Mothers who partake in this deal will receive a free gift as well as a free entree upon a future return.

Free qualifying meals can be claimed through May 29.



What’s the deal? Mom’s get a free slice of strawberry pie.

Yard House


What’s the deal? A free mini dessert will be given to moms.



What’s the deal? The IKEA in Costa Mesa, CA, will offer mothers a free buffet.



What’s the deal? Moms will get a free pizza or salad.



What’s the deal? Moms can choose one free entree. This includes a Hooters Burger, a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Salad, 10-piece traditional wings, or 10-piece boneless wings.



What’s the deal? If you buy a cup of frozen yogurt for your mom, Yogurtland will give you another one for free.



Treat Mom to a Free Oprah Chai Tea Latte This Mother’s Day


Who: Starbucks
What: Buy one get one free Oprah Chai Tea Lattes (You get a latte! YOU get a latte! EVERYBODY GETS A LATTE!)
Where: Participating U.S and Canada Starbucks locations as well as Teavana Fine Tea + Tea Bars
When: May 11, in honor of Mother’s Day

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating


Show Mom Your Love With 61 Cent Hot Dogs at Wienerschnitzel


Who: Wienerschnitzel
What: 61 cent hot dogs because Mom deserves the very best on Mother’s Day.
Where: At participating locations
When: May 11, in honor of Mother’s Day

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