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EPIC 10-Pound Japanese Wagyu Bento Box Gets A Guinness World Record

Last year, Japanese food delivery specialist Gochikuru sold a MASSIVE bento box crammed with 4.5 kilograms (almost 10 pounds) of authentic wagyu on their website. Containing ten different cuts from across the entire cow, this wagyu feast was coveted and sold out fast as demand skyrocketed.

Gochikuru’s bento box isn’t done, though, as it’s coming back with year-round availability and with a shiny Guinness World Record attached to it: The world’s most expensive bento box.

Photo courtesy of Gochikuru

The total price of this feast, which also comes with 4 pounds of Kinu Musume rice and an entire root of legit wasabi, is 292,929 yen, or just under $2600 US Dollars. That was more than plenty for Guinness to certify Gochikuru with the prestigious honor of selling the world’s most expensive bento box.

Those interested in getting the box for themselves can order it online year-round now, as Gochikuru has added it to their permanent lineup of meals. You do still have to be in Japan to get the box, and will have to order it two weeks in advance. But if you’re traveling to Japan anytime soon, know that you can get one of these in advance and feast on wagyu with your crew upon arrival.