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Morrissey Forces Fans To Eat Vegan At Concert Venue

Singer Steven Patrick Morrissey is in the midst of an arena tour, as the slightly racist, and very vegan artist will be gathered around thousands of his loyal fans.

However, if those loyal fans want something to munch on during the concert, they will not be able to do so with any meat-based products. At least not at the Five Point Amphitheater in Irvine, California.

As the tour makes its way to California, buzz around So-Cal has been building, and we got a tip about the vegan-friendly shows.

Concert-goers at the October 5 Irvine show are being prompted that it is “a meat and seafood free event!”

The FivePoint Amphitheatre is one of the several Live Nation-backed venues that actually serves plant-based Impossible Food, so it is probably an easier transition for them to get the plant-based Impossible Burgers or Questlove’s Impossible Cheesesteaks at all their food vendors.

While it is not clear if this vegan stipulation applies at all of his shows, it is entirely possible that vegan themes are still shared throughout, as he has been known to play slaughterhouse footage, and even stop concerts when seeing fans eat meat.

It isn’t the first time he has made his show vegan-friendly, as it was reported in 2016 that Morrissey requested that no meat be served at a show in Manchester.

What do y’all think? Should artists have that much power over their shows?