Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Some Guy Really Held A Funeral Service For His Exploded Ketchup Bottle

When this Morrisons Supermarket customer opened up his cupboard and found that his unopened ketchup bottle unexpectedly exploded, his first thought was to complain over Twitter. His second thought was to ceremoniously depart with his ketchup bottle, in an honorable and respectful way.

David Collinson of Tegnmouth, England clearly had too much time on his hands, as he contacted Morrisons, saying, “Dear why has my unopened ketchup decided to end it’s life like this? It took the brown sauce and a stock pot with it.”

After no response from the grocery store, Collinson went on to show them the proper funeral he had arranged for his recently deceased ketchup bottle.

That’s when Morrisons finally responded, upset that they were not invited to the funeral service.

Morrisons asked the customer to DM them the store he got the ketchup from and bottle bar code, because in the middle of this ridiculousness, they still wanted to provide real customer service. That’s when Collinson tweeted out the nail on the coffin of absurdity:

After a bit of a back and forth, the two finally got everything sorted out, and while they didn’t say how, he probably got reimbursed in some way.

May the valiant ketchup rest in peace.