We Owe Our Caffeine Addiction To Goats That Got High


As you sip your cup of morning joe or cappuccino, don’t forget to thank goats. Why? Because, legend has it, it’s thanks to them that we even have coffee. As the story goes, an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi was minding his own business one day when he found his charges getting super-frisky. They were nibbling on the berries and leaves of a mysterious plant, leading them to dance on their hind legs.

Kaldi decided to take a bite of the berries and experienced a rush of energy. He took the berries to a holy man who tossed them on a fire, emitting the heavenly scent of coffee we know and love today. Someone wise took the roasted beans from the embers of the fire and used them to brew a cup of what we guzzle today! The word “coffee” itself may derive from the Ethiopian region of Kaffa, though Yemenites claim their country as the place of origin.

fro7xgrbfkq6gdlztqfq                               Look at this gorgeous cup of cappuccino! Thanks, goats. 

Whether or not goats actually led humans to discover coffee, Ethiopia was one place with a strong coffee history. The first written reference to coffee came in the tenth century, courtesy of the great Persian doctor named Rhazes, author of one thousand books, though the drink was probably made for centuries beforehand.

Rhazes referred to bunn, as it was referred to in Ethiopia, of which he quipped, “It is a drink that is good for those with hot nature, but it decrease[s] the libido.” Unfortunately, this probably wasn’t the exact same kind of brew that we drink today, which didn’t appear for another few centuries.

Feature image via World on a Fork

Written by Carly Silver, HistoryBuff

Fast Food

Taco Bell Launches $1 Breakfast Menu With 10 Different Items


Taco Bell has launched a new dollar menu. Even better, it’s breakfast. The fast food goliath just announced the addition of the $1 Morning Value Menu to their restaurants.

New items will include a Mini Skillet Bowl, a Breakfast Soft Taco (bacon or sausage), a Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla, a Grilled Breakfast Burrito (bacon, sausage, or fiesta potatoes), a 2-Pack of Cinnabon Delights, a Hashbrown and a small Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange Citrus.

The breakfast shake up is in response to customer surveys revealing that folks want more options when it comes to $1 breakfast.

Ten items should about do it, right?


Hungry Baby Sea Lion Makes A Reservation For One At Fancy Upscale Restaurant


Baby sea lions are cute, but this baby sea lion getting ready for brunch at an upscale restaurant will blow all the other ones out of the water.

An adorable sea lion pup recently made a VIP reservation at a fancy seafood restaurant in San Diego, California. On Thursday morning, the 20-pound sea lion made its way down to The Marine Room and propped itself up at one of the dining tables. The hungry sea lion then waddled around the restaurant posing for pictures and entertaining delighted guests.


Bernard Guillas, executive chef of the restaurant, was pleasantly surprised by his guest’s arrival and snapped a few photos of the pup. He uploaded the pictures on Facebook along with the following caption:

“He was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation as it is this weekend on Sunday and Monday.”


Warming water temperatures and El Niño may be affecting California’s seal and sea lion populations. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, rising water temperatures in the ocean have forced mother sea lions to hunt farther out for food. The pups who depend on their mothers for milk are therefore left for longer periods of time. This particular pup is under the average weight, which is roughly 38 pounds, for baby sea lions.

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The Marine Room then contacted a Sea World San Diego team to come and care for the pup. CBS News reported that the team has rescued more than 47 sea lions this year alone and will make sure that the baby sea lion will be properly rehabilitated. SeaWorld wrote:

“We hope to get her rehabilitated and back out into the wild. She’s getting lots of fluids.”


New Research Shows Why You Should NOT Drink from White Coffee Mugs

Your favorite mug is probably not white. I’m not saying you have a color bias, but some scientists are.

A study released in Flavour, a scientific journal, claims that coffee in white mugs is perceived as bitter and more intense than the same coffee in a transparent or blue mug.

Participants rated the coffee’s intensity, bitterness, aroma, quality and acceptability for each mug color. The results show that the coffee in blue mugs was interpreted to be sweeter (even scientists make typos) and the most acceptable to drink. Glass mugs were pretty inoffensive and unimpressive, while white mugs drew the strongest negative reactions for each category.

The researchers suspect the contrast between the color of the coffee and the mug affects the drinker’s perception of the beverage.

If you feel like stepping up your coffee game, switch up your mug usage. Cheap coffee in a blue mug can start feeling like a gourmet blend in a white mug.


Here’s Why You Should Never Miss Breakfast Again [Infographic]


You’ve heard it all before, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” While this saying has garnered a fair amount of eye-rolling for decades past, there’s a lot of delicious truth behind it.

According to this nifty infographic by Chef Works, folks who skip breakfast are 4 times more likely to become obese, while kids who eat breakfast were shown to score 17.5 percent higher on math tests.

The piece also gives us a glimpse into what the rest of the world is eating every morning. We have Tagine, slow-cooked lamb stew, being served in Morocco for breakfast, and Natto, fermented soybeans over rice, served in Japan. Or you could venture to try out Vegemite with some toast in Australia. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you on that one.



Jamba Juice Offers $2 Smoothies Every Morning This Week, Knows You Won’t Wake Up For Them Anyway


You told yourself this summer would be different, didn’t you? You’d wake up with the sun and give up coffee and take your dogs on morning hikes, all before breakfast. And hey, if this deal had come out around early July, you probably would have taken advantage of it, at least for a few days. But no, it’s August, so feel free to just turn over and go back to sleep.

Apparently Jamba Juice is offering any 16-ounce smoothie for only $2 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. all this week, starting Monday August 12 through Friday August 16, at all participating locations, no coupon necessary. Which, you know, would be awesome, if you didn’t spend last week in Vegas and weren’t expending all your precious energy just to wake up in time for work without looking like a total homeless person. Come on JJ, don’t you know “summer mornings” don’t start until at least noon?

Just kidding, you’re a big kid now and you’ll probably be at work by then. But wasn’t it nice pretending you still had the luxury of sleeping in? Oh, the good old days.

PicThx Jamba Juice


Mountain Dew’s ‘Kickstart’ Aims to Become New Healthier Breakfast Alternative


Have you ever received judging looks from co-workers for chugging a neon green bottle of Mountain Dew at 8 in the morning? Well fear no more dewheads, PepsiCo Inc. has developed a breakfast beverage claiming the same great taste as Mountain Dew but with a whopping 5% juice, Vitamins B and C, plus an extra dose of caffeine. That’s “5% juice,” folks. The name of this new drink hitting shelves this month: Kickstart.

Kickstart will come in flavors such as “energizing orange citrus” and “energizing fruit punch.” The new breakfast soda is designed for fans hoping to find a new alternative to their standard morning fare.

In a world infamously known for loving energy drinks with enough caffeine to cause heart palpitations and diabetic levels of sugar, Kickstart aims to separate itself by being the opposite with nearly half the caffeine as traditional energy drinks and artificial sweeteners. With a predicted decline in beverage sales over the next year for similar categories, maybe Mountain Dew’s latest drink with be enough to “Kickstart” a new wave of fans.

H/T + PicThx Biz Insider


Face Mug — For Lonely People & Donuts

Lazy morning people, rejoice! Because there aren’t enough coffee mug re-designs out there, let’s throw in one more. Introducing The Face Mug, the newest addition to beverage + snack carrying vessels.

This face-shaped mug holds your favorite hot beverage while conveniently carrying a delightful snack of your choice in its mouth. It’s geared towards the coffee and doughnut crowd; that’s not to say the cocoa and cookie, or tea and scone folks are left behind. Choose your drink, choose your treat — it’s that simple.

I don’t recommend staring directly into the face of the mug if it’s not occupied- it’s a little terrifying, unless you’re into that kind of thing. So if you’re looking for a bizarre conversation piece, or you’re lonely and need a friend, grab a Face Mug for less than 20 bucks.

Buy $18 @ uncommongoods