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Everyone’s Now Learning That MoonPie Is Actually Savage On Twitter

If you take a casual look at MoonPie’s Twitter account, you’ll immediately notice smart-ass posts and responses to other users, and basically a really well run account for a snack brand that is more than 100 years old.

Recently, Wendy’s has received plenty of social media buzz due to their hilarious burns and great interaction with other Twitter users, but little by little, other stuffy companies with cookie-cutter social media profiles are starting to understand that you have to actually try and be engaging on social media.

So here comes MoonPie, the old school graham cracker cookie that’s filled with a marshmallow center and covered in chocolate, showing people how it’s done.

MoonPies have a modest 44 thousand Twitter followers, and probably aren’t the first brand you think about when it comes to savvy social media interaction, but they have been getting a little more attention as of late, with folks starting to realize that MoonPies is a must-follow on Twitter.

It’s not like MoonPies are burning up the market with ridiculous “stunt foods” or creating jaw-dropping new flavors. They’re just a solid snack who has been doing their thing since 1917, and are still keeping themselves relevant.

MoonPies are more beloved in the south than anywhere else in the U.S., but at least their Twitter is reaching out to a wider audience, reminding us that they still exist, which is crucial, because I totally forgot about them, but am now craving one. Well played, MoonPie. Well played.