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A Vegan Fast Food Chain Just Launched Their Version Of The Shamrock Shake

Viral sensation Monty’s Good Burger has been growing rapidly. Called a “vegan In-N-Out” by many, the LA-based burger shop has recently gone from plant-based icon to an official chain, with their second location opening up in Riverside, California.

Monty’s is also continuing to innovate their menu, with the most recent addition being a limited-time tribute to the iconic Shamrock Shake.

Photo courtesy of Monty’s Good Burger

The all-vegan shake has a mint flavor, and comes topped with a plant-based whipped cream and cookie topping. With the exception of an added chocolate drizzle, it looks pretty similar to the OG Shamrock you can find at McDonald’s around this time.

Monty’s creations do come at a slightly higher price, so you’re looking at dropping $7 to secure yourself this shake. They’ve proven themselves as a specialist in vegan indulgence, though, so those looking for a plant-based recreation of the legendary Shamrock Shake should find this worthy.

You can find the Vegan Shamrock Shake at both of Monty’s Good Burger locations in Los Angeles and Riverside, CA.

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This Vegan Fast Food Joint Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Meatless Future

There’s a lot of talk these days about the future of food, with many believing we will be unable to produce meat by the year 2050. If that happens, at least we can all rest assured knowing that we’ve already got a vegan fast food burger spot up and running.

Photo: Foodbeast // Marc Kharrat

Monty’s is a vegan burger joint in Los Angeles that customers are already calling the “plant-based In-N-Out” because of its menu, ambiance, and treatment of the patties.

Since they opened their doors last month, they’ve drawn throngs of curious omnivores and herbivores eager to see what the future of fast food could look like.

At the core of Monty’s signature item is the Impossible Burger, the “bleeding” vegan patty that comes as close to a beef patty than nearly all others. Coincidentally, one of the first renditions of the Impossible Patty also drew inspirations from In-N-Out, so the proof that this faux burger meat can stand up to fast food already exists.

Monty’s toppings are pretty similar to In-N-Out’s, as well, with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and a vegan American cheese (from Follow Your Heart) that evokes the aromas and textures of your standard Double-Double.

Like In-N-Out, Monty’s branding is simple but memorable, the menu is small but packs in the quality, and there’s even a “secret” menu, including a vegan take on Animal Fries.

The only thing that Monty’s doesn’t match In-N-Out on is price. Making beef burgers is still incredibly cheap, and you can get one for $3-4. At Monty’s, a single cheeseburger runs for $11 and a double sets you back $14. That’ll definitely change as Impossible Foods (the company behind the patty) scales more and lowers costs, but for now, getting a taste of the future of burgers will set you back a bit.

Nonetheless, Monty’s is a shining example and gold standard of what vegan fast food can be like, and makes the culinary genre accessible to those who would otherwise avoid plant-based eats altogether. It’s an important fixture and restaurant to look to as the future of meat looks bleak.