R.L. Stine Tweets Terrifying Short Story About a Sandwich


Growing up, the newest Goosebumps book couldn’t arrive soon enough. There was nothing better than reading through a spooky tale when we should have been learning fractions. We’d breeze through each horror story by author R.L. Stine like we’d breeze through a Double Double, which if you count all the books he’s written you’d know we’re not in the best of health.

The infamous author took to Twitter this week declaring that he would write a live story through the social network. As promised, the tweets began, each more chilling than the last. What finally came of them was an entirely new short story by the author about a sandwich of all things.

Pretty spooky though.




All Hail the King of the Nuggets


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Krispy Kreme Offers Free Donuts on Halloween


Anyone who has their Halloween costumes ready needs to make sure to stop by Krispy Kreme on Oct. 31, Halloween, and get their free donut. In celebration of Halloween, customers who dress up will get a free treat from the donut chain.

Whether or not you’re trick-or-treating or pretending to get scared because you already paid $100 for Knott’s Scary Farm so you might as well enjoy it, a free donut is a free donut. The Halloween deal is available at participating locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

And hey, if you don’t plan on going out but you still have your costume from Pirate Day, all the better!

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Stomp Around and Breathe Blue Radioactive Lasers with Godzilla Sake


Do you like to drink? Do you sometimes break things when you drink? Despite what a few of your, ahem, smaller critics might think, you’re no monster; just misunderstood. So why not share your miseries with the only person-lizard who could possibly feel your pain, over a few shots taken from this limited edition Godzilla-shaped bottle of sake?


Designed by Japanese molding engineer Ito Shigeaki to look “beserk but good looking, yet friendly,” this commemorative 720 ml bottle is meant to help fans who grew up watching the king of monsters as children reminisce fondly about him as adults. From nubby silver toes to a broad scaly torso, the bottle comes filled with full scale wheat shochu (a Japanese distilled beverage similar to sake, though with not nearly the same search recognition, sorry ‘bout it*).

Our friends at Mighty Mega suggest you enjoy it while indulging in a kaiju movie marathon. At the very least, it’ll give you an excuse for going around making this sound all night:

Godzilla Shochu: ~$110 @ Choujugura

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*Yes we realize sake =/= shochu. No you don’t need to rant at us over it.