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Java Monster’s New Oatmilk Energy Drink Is Completely Vegan

As veganism becomes increasingly more popular, so too do the options for those who choose this way of life. Plant-based meat is absolutely booming, and there seems to be a new type of milk in the supermarket every day. When it comes to energizing drinks, though, options remain limited. Luckily, Monster’s new Java Monster Farmer’s Oats combines oatmilk, coffee, and their signature energy blend to produce an energy punch fit for any vegan in need. 

Monster’s newest recipe starts with real coffee and a plant-based version of their energy blend. These are combined, and then blended with oatmilk. Oatmilk, made by soaking oats in water and subsequently straining, acts as a creamy neutralizer that evens out the robustness of the other two ingredients.

Currently, the blend is releasing in the Farmer’s Oats flavor, which has notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla. It’s close to an oatmeal cookie, but minus the calories, as a whole can of the new drink is only 150 calories.

If you’ve ever had a bowl of oatmeal that was so good you wished that you could skip the spoon and drink it– now’s your time. 

If this sounds like it fits your lifestyle, Java Monster Farmer’s Oats is available nationwide beginning October 28th, 2019.

Created in partnership with Monster Energy. 

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Coca-Cola Launching Energy Drinks That Taste Like Soda

When hearing that coke gives you a burst of energy, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t the drink — but Coca-Cola is about to change all that.

Coke just announced a line of energy drinks with some of its more popular flavors, as you can now get an energy boost in the form of classic Coke, Cherry Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Zero Cherry.

The new energy drinks have a base of guarana, B-vitamins, and caffeine, which is a common base for most energy drinks on the market.

Each 12-ounce can will also pack 114 milligrams of caffeine, which is comparable to Red Bull’s 111 milligrams, and quite a bit more than what you get from Monster Energy’s 86 milligrams.

The big reveal was made at the  National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) expo in Atlanta, and is expected to hit U.S. store shelves in January 2020.

While Coca-Cola’s net revenue declined by 10% in 2018, they attributed the fall to “bottler refranchising,” and “currency headwinds.”

Their 2019 earnings have been steady thus far since then, boasting a 5% revenue growth in the first quarter, and looking to start 2020 strong with this announcement.

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This Monstrous Burrito Is Stuffed With Taquitos And Wrapped In A Footlong Quesadilla


You can always measure a good burrito by how sleepy you get immediately after. So imagine how badly we caught a food coma from this footlong monster known as the TGunz Burrito.

On a recent venture to Huntington Beach, CA, fellow Foodbeasts Reach, Brayden and myself decided to grab a quick bite at Lupe’s Taco Shop. Brayden, who lived a few streets down the road, frequented the taqueria and didn’t think we could handle an entire TGunz burrito split between the two of us.

He was right.

The massive TGunz featured carne asada, guacamole, fries, taquitos, and is wrapped in a 12-inch quesadilla. We’re not exaggerating when we say it’s the size of your forearm.


“It’s like every type of Mexican food, all rolled into one gnarly monster.”


“It was like one big stoner foods orgy… or a Mexican stand off scene in food form.”

Reach was able to finish his half of the burrito through valiant effort, but I only completed half of my half. We for sure had to hit the Starbucks next door before going back to work. Not that any kind of caffeine kept us from nodding off into that aforementioned food coma the size of this burrito.

Photo: Marc Kharrat


This Restaurant Serves A Monstrous Deep-Fried Spam And Egg Musubi


I had just wrapped a story about this dude who created Lobster Elotes, when I found myself looking for a bite to eat before hopping on the freeway home. As most Southern Californians know, sitting in traffic after work hours simply sucks.

Instead of driving onto the ramp, I drove straight into the relatively unknown (to myself) streets of Orange and scanned the nearby shops for somewhere to eat. As I settled on Carl’s Jr., Pete playing it safe, my eyes locked on to a sign a little further down the road: Musubi Monster.

The Hawaiian dish traditionally features a square of rice that’s topped with a slice of grilled spam that’s wrapped together with a piece of dried nori seaweed.

Guess Pete wasn’t playing it safe. I parked and went inside to scope what they had to offer. What I found on the menu, however, was something monstrous.

Behold, the Deep-fried Spam and Egg Musubi.


I texted a couple friends who happened to be in the area to come and share the experience with me. They were more than happy and eager to grab some dinner. When our food was ready, each piece of the musubi came out to nearly a pound each.

Seriously, it was like a burrito.

This “snack” was coated in a crispy breaded shell. The egg was cooked over hard, the spam with a nice sear and the rice moist despite going through the deep fryer.

After I finished my musubi, I headed straight for the office to take a nap on the couch. There’s no way I could drive after eating something so deliciously heavy. 

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Someone Deep Fried A Banh Mi Burger Into A Chimichanga


What do you get when you take a burger and combine it with a Vietnamese sandwich and combine THAT with a chimichanga? A good time.

Mad Fox Brewing has Frankenstein’d three different cuisines into a monster burger they’re calling The BanhMiBurgerChanga. If pronouncing it is a mouthful, you should see the burger.

The behemoth is made with 8 ounces of house-ground meat with added cilantro and jalapeño and formed into a patty. Featuring smoked gouda, beer-braised carnitas, picked ramps & onions, carrot mayo and lime juice, the burger is wrapped around a chipotle tortilla and deep fried.

The BanhMiBurgerChanga will be available at Mad Fox Brewing Company until May 16.

Photo: Instagram

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Southwest Monster Taco Joins Jack in the Box Menu


A while back, Jack in the Box introduced two Monster Tacos to their menu: Bacon Ranch and Nacho Cheese. Looks like they’re welcoming a third creation to their lineup with the Southwest Monster Taco. If there was a month to drop more Monster Tacos, this is it.

The Southwest Monster Taco is made with seasoned taco meat and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, black beans, grilled onions, corn and a Southwest sauce. To fit all that Southwest stuffing appropriately, the ingredients are served in a slightly longer hard taco shell.

Customers can purchase the Southwest Monster Taco for $1.79 with prices varying depending on the region. The taco will be available for a limited time at all participating Jack in the Box locations.

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I’ll take my Godzilla deep-fried, please


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Sunny Delight Launches Caffeine and Taurine-Free Energy Drink Called SunnyD X


Maybe brands are realizing older people, not kids, have disposable income, or maybe they’re playing off the whole millennial nostalgia thing. In any case, just like the new Cheerios Protein that launched last week, playground favorite Sunny Delight is getting a post-puberty-inspired makeover, with a new energy drink called SunnyD X.

Available in orange, lemon lime, and fruit punch, the X-citing, X-treme, X-ceptional new fruit-flavored energy drink is carbonated like Monster, but doesn’t rely on scary-ish ingredients like caffeine and taurine to supply the pick-me-up.

“SunnyD X offers more than the intense taste and 100% Vitamin C you would expect. It also offers a different kind of pick me up: carbonated energy that is uniquely provided by a combination of three carbohydrates, as well as seven B-vitamins to help metabolize the carbohydrates into energy,” brand associate marketing director David Zellen, at some unknown point in time, or possibly in a press release, supposedly said.

There’s also 50 grams of sugar per serving in contrast to the 30 grams in original Sunny D, because screw the whole grown-up thing. Find your own orange heart attack in select locations in Boston, Philly, and D.C.

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