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Between 2 Meals: This Isolated Restaurant Can Only Be Reached By Horse-Drawn Sleigh Or Skis

When I heard that the Foodbeast team was going to Aspen for the new episode of Between 2 Meals, I was worried. There was no doubt in my mind they could do what they set out to— create a utility guide of good eats and a possible excursion for any curious travelers in Aspens, that is. But a bunch of Southern Californians in the mountain cold? I was sure someone was going to end up like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Luckily, it appears they kept the Java Monster flowing and their bodies moving. Indeed, only once did they come close to a frozen Foodbeast when the episode’s host Geoff Kutnick mistook how to cross-country ski (walking in the snow on skis, for the uninformed) and tried to, literally, ski two miles uphill.

Needless to say, this did not go well, but it did provide for one of the episode’s best moments. And that’s saying something, as Geoff explored two of Aspen’s prime eateries and one of its signature activities.

At the first stop of the episode, Geoff explores the accidental history behind Aspen hotspot Bamboo Bear’s signature fried chicken, which is double fried for a remarkably crispy skin. The dish has become a staple for Aspen eaters, along with the restaurant’s traditional banh mi that uses fresh baguettes from a local Vietnamese bakery. Judging by the look of pure bliss on Geoff’s face after dunking a wing in the restaurant’s Bear’s Breath sauce, there’s no doubt that this is a must visit in the Colorado town.

Before the next meal, our host was joined by twelve-time X Games medalist Jackson Strong. The two tour Aspen’s main attractions, the slopes, via snowmobile. While most people opt for skis or snowboards as their mode of exploration, when an X Games contender approaches you with snowmobiles, you take the snowmobile. Once Geoff had a snowmobile ride that was a little more than he bargained for, it was off to the next restaurant.

After the aforementioned uphill trek, the two reach the Pine Creek Cookhouse, a local stronghold that’s only accessible by sleigh or cross-country ski, to check out it’s surprising specialties. The first is the massive Kurt Russell burger, sourced straight from the actor’s cattle farm. The second, a type of Nepalese dumpling called momos, is a tribute to Pine Creek owner John Wilcox’s extensive experience in the Himalayas. The restaurant’s forte is handmade by actual sherpas, who staff much of the kitchen.

Check out the full episode at the top of this article to see these delicious eats, Geoff’s misadventures, and the beautiful snowy mountains of Aspen.

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These Vegan Breakfast Tacos Are As Good As The Real Thing

Mexican food, though one of the most delicious cuisines on the planet, often heavily incorporates animal products, leaving vegans who crave it hanging out to dry. Though the term “Mexican food” is indeed broad and covers thousands of dishes, it’d be remiss to ignore the prevalence of ingredients like lard and cheese in most dishes. It’s in this respect that Sugar Taco has been moving to shift the culture, by working to prove that delicious, plant-based Mexican food is entirely possible.

Earlier this month at the Vegan Brunchdown presented by Java Monster, the stars of Los Angeles’ vegan scenes were out to play, including Sugar Taco, who showcased a drool-worthy breakfast taco.

As quite a few of their menu items are, these tacos use a homemade, hand-pressed tortilla as their base. They use a vegan scramble as a hearty egg substitute and compliment that with a scoop of their savory black beans. Topped with a drizzle of pico de gallo and a handful of cilantro, the color on these tacos pop off the plate, especially when paired with a healthy scoop of Sugar Taco’s Just F*ck Me Up Guacamole.

The tacos are light, fresh, and won’t leave you feeling bogged down in the morning. In this sense, they pair perfectly with the new Java Monster Farmer’s Oats drink. Made with real coffee and oatmilk, this drink aims to do the same as the tacos: provide a plant-based start to your day without leaving you drained later on.

These breakfast tacos can be purchased from Sugar Taco during the weekends, where they’ll be selling breakfast until it sells out for the day, so make sure to get there early!

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This Donut Is Made With Java Monster and It’s Completely VEGAN

Donut Friend has been putting out creative vegan doughnuts since its inception. By naming their pastries after famous hardcore punk musicians, the shop has always infused it’s own energy into their doughnuts. Their latest one, though, is quite literally infused with energy.

In collaboration with the new Java Monster Farmer’s Oats drink, the LA-based doughnut shop’s newest creation is the Java Monster Donut.

Their light, airy cake doughnuts are topped with an espresso glaze, which is just strong enough to balance out the maple that the glaze is infused with as well. These flavors also pair well with the Java Monster Farmer’s Oat’s oatmeal flavor that’s worked into the whipped cream filling inside the doughnut. On top of that, the doughnut is topped with a crunchy chocolate oat crumble to give it a little bite.

And, best of all, the entire thing is completely plant-based to go along with the new drink’s vegan profile.

Check out the video above to see how this mashup comes together and make sure to try Java Monster Farmer’s Oats, available nationwide, right now.

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REIGN Releases Orange Dreamsicle Flavor With 300 mg of Natural Caffeine

In 2019, the energy drink game has been flipped on its head. Once a guaranteed sugar and calorie bomb, brands, like REIGN Total Body Fuel, have looked to pivot these drinks down a different path. By providing a zero sugar & natural energy source beverage, these drinks have been a hit within the last year with those who pay attention to what they consume. Reign has also begun to push out creative flavors expanding the traditional taste of energy drinks, like their newest flavor: Orange Dreamsicle.

The flavor is a pleasantly accurate recreation of an orange dreamsicle. It’s got some sweetness to it, without being overwhelming, and manages to nail the creamy flavor of the beloved summer treat. It tastes more in line with a cream soda, rather than an energy drink.

This is the newest of variations in the REIGN line, joining flavors like Melon Mania, Razzle Berry and Sour Apple.

With no sugar, no artificial colors or flavoring, 300 mg of natural caffeine, and BCAAs for muscle recovery, the drinks are perfect for anyone in need of an energy boost before they hit the gym. This is exactly why the drink is endorsed by muscle-extraordinaire Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, best known as The Mountain on Game of Thrones, and WWE Diva Star Natalie Eva Marie.

If you feel like being on the same energy level as these two, and the guy at your local gym that just did 10 muscle-ups as a light warm up, information for where REIGN Total Body Fuel can be found, and more, is available at

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Java Monster and Afters Ice Cream Collab For Energy-Packed Ice Cream Flavor

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Afters Ice Cream made its name with a uniquely blue “Cookie Monster” flavor that spread through California faster than a Kardashian rumor. But now they’re making waves with a different type of monster. I’m talking about the Monster that’s been providing energy to the masses for more than 15 years.

Afters Ice Cream will be debuting a “Breakfast Monster” flavor at Foodbeast’s upcoming Nood Beach food and music festival, September 1, at Huntington Beach, CA.

This would be a perfect excuse to eat ice cream in the morning, as the new flavor will give you a boost using Java Monster’s Loca Moca flavor poured into Afters’ classic vanilla ice cream. Also mixed in will be some chocolate-covered biscotti pieces, with a healthy topping of bacon bits, honey, and French toast cereal.

If you really want to ball out, you can ask for the Breakfast Monster in the form of Afters’ famous Milky Bun, which fans know as a warm doughnut that houses the cold treat for a perfect blend of temperature-based sensations.

If you or your friends are fans of either Afters Ice Cream or Java Monster, you’ll probably want to snag some tickets to check this out, along with the other 20+ noodle vendors slanging goodies at Foodbeast’s Nood Beach Festival, September 1.

This content has been created in partnership with Monster Energy.