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The Foods Moms Want Delivered The Most Right After Giving Birth

Moms are the real MVPs. They carry us around for nine months, then endure hours of painful labor to bring us into the world. The least that can be done to thank them afterwards is to get them food, ASAP.

Although one’s first reaction would be to head for the hospital food court, a lot of moms are actually getting delivery for their first post-labor meal. A study by DoorDash found that orders for the maternity ward jumped 1500% since Mother’s Day 2014, and have doubled in just the past year alone.

Based on that data, here’s the foods moms want the most in those delivery requests when it comes to specific eats, certain restaurants, and even what mothers in different cities crave after labor.

By Item

1) Pad Thai

Spicy foods, including Thai dishes, tend to be super popular during pregnancy. Pad Thai is one of the dishes that women reportedly crave in that time span, so it makes sense that they want to satisfy that FAST after giving birth.

2) French Fries

French fries are a no-brainer here. They’re hot, starchy, and are pretty easy to eat. That makes them a top candidate for gorging on and regaining energy after hours of labor.

3) Fried Rice

Fried rice, especially cooked with ginger, is one of the traditional foods to eat after giving birth in Chinese culture. The ginger also helps with any stomach discomfort, making this meal an added plus.

4) Wings

The combo of spicy food and portable eats wins out here, as wings are super easy to eat and bring the fire.

5) Chips and Guac

Avocado is touted as a great food to eat after birth for its nutritional benefits and healthy fats. Ordering it with a load of chips can easily make for an epic snack food feast for mom.

By Restaurant

1) The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory has one of the biggest menus out there, but I’m guessing that most of the orders coming into delivery rooms will include at least one slice of comforting, rich cheesecake.

2) Buffalo Wild Wings

Photo: Javcon117 // Flickr

With all of the different flavors of wings on the menu, plus the fact that they carry French fries, BWW is a pretty good candidate to be called upon often for some post-delivery cravings.

3) P.F. Chang’s

Photo: Krista // Flickr

Remember how fried rice was a pretty popular overall food to order? P.F. Changs does not skimp on their portions for this dish, as one serving of it is easily enough to feed two people. Or one hungry mom who just gave birth.

4) California Pizza Kitchen

Photo: Janine // Flickr

CPK’s pretty solid when it comes to the ‘za, but also has a ton of other options, like pastas and salads. Pizza is a pretty simple and easy order to dial in, though, so more often than not, it’s likely that moms are going for that choice when ordering here.

5) BJ’s

Photo: Juan-Calderon // Flickr

Plenty of Pizookies are heading to maternity wards for moms to treat themselves. Hot cookies and cold ice cream equals ALL the comfort.

By City

Boston: Pizza

Photo: H. Michael Karshis // Flickr

Pizza’s easy to eat after giving birth, but is also convenient to order since you can get a pie for everyone in the waiting room, too. Places like Regina’s, a local chain, are sure to get a lot of requests for the delivery room as a result.

Chicago: Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Photo: star5112 // Flickr

Portillo’s is THE quintessential Windy City spot, and tends to be open pretty late. Devouring one of these classic dogs right after giving birth definitely sounds like the Chicago moms’ way to treat yourself after hours of labor.

Dallas: McAlister’s Deli Sweet Tea

McAlister’s stretches from coast to coast and can vary in regionality, but everybody knows that their sweet tea is liquid gold. You can buy it by the gallon, and in a place like Dallas where sweet tea is beloved, that’s a blessing to someone needing energy after delivery. Only question I have is whether they’re ordering any actual food alongside it.

Los Angeles: Sugarfish’s Sushi

Photo: Richard // Flickr

Sushi? Right after giving birth? Apparently, it’s okay enough that people in Los Angeles are ordering from this spot in mass amounts. It may not be my first personal choice, but sushi is big in LA, and Sugarfish tends to be their popular choice.

New York: Momofuku Milk Bar

Photo: Daniel Zemans // Flickr

Christina Tosi’s sweet creations that she cranks out of here have become the desserts of choice for moms looking to satisfy a sweet tooth after hours in labor — ESPECIALLY her legendary Crack Pie.

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Unless said otherwise, all the deals will be available on Sunday, May 8: Mother’s Day.




What’s the deal? Mimi’s Cafe is offering mothers a 3-course meal for $16.99. This includes a soup or salad, a main entree and a dessert. Mothers who partake in this deal will receive a free gift as well as a free entree upon a future return.

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What’s the deal? Mom’s get a free slice of strawberry pie.

Yard House


What’s the deal? A free mini dessert will be given to moms.



What’s the deal? The IKEA in Costa Mesa, CA, will offer mothers a free buffet.



What’s the deal? Moms will get a free pizza or salad.



What’s the deal? Moms can choose one free entree. This includes a Hooters Burger, a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Salad, 10-piece traditional wings, or 10-piece boneless wings.



What’s the deal? If you buy a cup of frozen yogurt for your mom, Yogurtland will give you another one for free.