Go On a Bender with Bender: Mom’s Robot Oil from Futurama


Futurama fans know that the show’s robot characters are just as capable of chugging alcoholic brews as their human co-stars. But what about human viewers at home who want the chance to go on a bender with Bender?

Luckily, the people over at The Insatiable Geek have it covered, with a recipe for Mom’s Robot Oil that combines dark beer and Jagermeister to create the perfect alcoholic concoction. On Futurama, Mom’s Robot Oil is advertised as containing ten percent more love than other leading brands. We’re pretty sure that The Insatiable Geek’s version has at least that much love, plus the added bonus of personal connection with an animated robot.

Best served in a tin can with some popcorn and a Hulu+ account. 

H/T The Insatiable Geek