Man Attempts to Rob Grocery Store with a Pocket Knife, Badass 96-Year-Old Owner Is Not Amused


In Marshfield, Wisconsin, a 96-year-old woman is making headlines for essentially telling a would-be robber to f*ck off.

Margaretta Wolf has owned the mom-and-pop grocery store for 54 years and says she stood her ground for a simple reason —  the money was hers.

“He said walk in the back of the store, I said I’m not walking no place, I’m standing right here,” said Wolf. “I said you can have all the Tootsie Rolls you want but I am not opening that cash register.”

Police say a man wearing a mask ordered Wolf to open the cash register, thinking she would be an easy target. When Wolf stood her ground, the man placed a pocketknife on the counter and flashed its long blade.

Wolf was not amused.

“I said I’ll press a button and I’ll have somebody here in seconds,” said Wolf.

The brave store owner says the man glanced at the security camera in the corner and walked out in frustration.

“In this instance, certainly again while not recommended with what took place, we’re just very, very happy Marge was not injured,” stated Marshfield Police Lt. Darren Larsen.

Of course, Wolf has a few words for the suspect if she ever runs into him again.

“What do I say to him? I say I think you got some punishments coming, and it will be a little bit more than scrubbing the floor,” smirked Wolf.

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