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Little Caesars Pizza Exposed To Molten Copper Is One Of The Most Terrifying Things We’ve Ever Seen

While cold pizza is arguably one of the most delicious foods on the planet, we occasionally find ourselves struggling to reheat a pizza from time to time. Here’s an unconventional way to go about it.

YouTuber Tito4re took a pizza from Little Caesars and doused it with molten copper.

Now we’ve see Tito4re cover fast foods in molten copper before, but this little experiment was by far the most terrifying. Almost immediately after the liquid hot metal touches the cheesy surface, the Little Caesars pizza catches fire. As you can see, the pie turns from Hot-N-Ready to Dante’s Inferno in seconds.

I wonder if it’s the ingredients in the pizza chain’s $5 pie, or if all fast food pizzas catch fire? We may want to experiment with this one day.

Check out the video above, but seriously do not try this at home. There are easier ways to get your pizza slice well done.

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What Happens When Instant Ramen Noodles Are Exposed To Molten Copper [WATCH]

There’s something so fascinating about watching red-hot metal being doused onto food. It could be that if we ever attempted something so dangerous at home, we’d probably burn the place down.

In the latest episode of Tito4re’s molten copper series, the hothead experiments with instant ramen noodles. Y’know, the ones hidden in bulk behind your college dorm beds. Check out what happens when he ladles a generous amount of molten copper onto the packaged noodle soup.

As you can see, unlike his attempt with the McDonald’s Big Mac, the dried noodles were burnt to a crisp almost instantaneously. Check out the video and see the fire a clump of dried noodles can create.

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This Is What Happens When A Giant Gummy Bear Is Exposed To Molten Copper

It’s been a while since YouTuber Tito4re threw molten copper on some kind of food. You may remember him buying some McDonald’s Big Macs and French fries and dousing them with the hot liquid metal a little while back. Now, he’s at it again.

This time, he’s gonna maim one of those giant gummy bears that weigh five pounds. In the latest hypnotizing video, a stream of red-hot molten copper covers a sweet giant gummy bear.

Check out the fiery, sticky mess in the video above.

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This Is What Happens When McDonald’s French Fries Are Covered In Molten Copper

When YouTuber Tito4re covered a McDonald’s Big Mac in molten copper, the world watched. Well, like 4 million people watched. Still, there’s nothing like hot liquid metal smothering an iconic fast food menu item to pique our interest.

If that 6-year-old McDonald’s meal taught us anything, it’s that the items can really hold up.

In one of his latest videos, Tito4re covers another iconic McDonald’s item in molten copper. This time, it’s french fries.

Check out what happens when the salty pieces of deep-fried potatoes are exposed to molten copper. It’s almost the opposite reaction to the Big Mac video where the metal just bounced off the bun.

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This Is What Happens When A McDonald’s Big Mac Is Exposed To Molten Copper

We’re huge fans of different foods getting molten copper poured on them. There’s something hypnotic the process. One of Tito4re‘s most interesting videos is a recent one that features a McDonald’s Big Mac getting the molten copper treatment.

The YouTuber has to actually break down the burger’s layers to get the molten copper on everything.

As you can see, the sesame bun can really hold off that metal. Kind of makes you wonder what a Big Mac’s made of that it can handle such extreme heat, even for a few seconds.

Check out the video.

You may also recognize his other molten experiments like pouring the hot liquid metal onto popcorn kernels, a T-bone steak and even a giant jawbreaker candy.

Definitely don’t try this at home, kids.