This Is What Happens To M&M’s When Exposed To Molten Copper

Copper melter Tito4re is at it again with a ladle full of molten copper, this time with a fresh bag of M&M’s candy. You may remember the YouTuber as the guy who covered a McDonald’s Big Mac and French fries in the white hot metal.

In this colorful installment, the popular Mar’s chocolate covered in a sugary shell gets the molten copper treatment. It’s kinda beautiful to watch.

Check out the tiny pieces of candy get dosed with the liquid hot metal. Kind of a huge step up from throwing your M&M’s in the microwave.

Anyone use to do that?


Watch What Happens When Molten Copper Is Poured On A Block Of Cheese

For all you nacho cheese lovers out there, we suggest you let this one cool down before taking your first bite.

We’ve seen molten copper artist Tito4re before, once when he showed us what happens when you pour molten copper on a giant 5-pound gummy bear. It’s safe to say the results were pretty similar in both experiments. Although the cheese stood up against the copper pretty well.

The cooper was heated to a balmy 1,948° F, which is pretty warm — even  for nacho cheese standards.

A small reservoir was cut out from the top of the cheese block and molten cooper was poured in. Watching this experiment in slow motion was pretty mesmerizing too, and the molten copper is almost the same shade as orange as the cheese.