Black Magic Chocolate Mint Cookies

These cookies look and sound magical…literally, they are called Black Magic Chocolate Mint Cookies. I guess Harry Potter took a baking class at Hogwarts [/cornballjokeoftheday]. Anyways…these gigantic cookies are made with Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate, bittersweet chocolate chips and a hint of peppermint extract. These cookies are so big and thick you could eat them with a fork and knife… (that’s what she said)…[/lastoneipromise] (Thx UneGamineEdanSlaCuisine)




Five Guys Burger & Fries: 2 More OC Locations in 2010

Hot off its early August opening, Five Guys has inched its way into Orange County through its first Orange, CA location and has no plans to stop expansion before the year’s end. The Virginia-based burger chain will see the arrival of two new locations before we ring in the 2011 new year, one in Huntington Beach and the other in Tustin. According to the Maven, the exact locations will be:

  • The District, 2427 Park Ave, Tustin (Opening in November or December)
  • 18645 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach (Opening in September)

Particularly interesting will be the Tustin location. By setting up shop in The District shopping center, they will be in direct competition with In-N-Out, just a few feet away. What’s the word Orange County? Where will you be going for your fast food burger fix in 2011 and beyond??