Herbed Turkey Burgers With Goat Cheese and Cranberry Sauce

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Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Moist Maker


It’s November 30th and we’re guessing you probably have towers of tupperware lined up in your fridge stuffed with Thursday’s leftovers. Before you toss out those Thanksgiving goods you should probably construct this epic Moist Maker and then see how you feel.

Reimagined by the ladies at Spoon Fork Bacon, this Thanksgiving concoction was originally introduced to the world via the television show, Friends. Ross would wait all year for his sister Monica to make him this seasonal sandwich but when someone at work stole his precious meal he flipped out. Don’t lie, you’d do the same thing if someone nabbed your lunch.

friends gif

Cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey, tomato and lettuce nestled between some hearty bread. Yeah, that’s the stuff. But there’s a kicker to this creation that takes it to the next level. A third slice of bread is soaked in gravy then added smack dab in the middle of the sammich. This genius addition is both practical for the sandwich’s structural support and a delicious way to keep your sandwich perfectly moist, thus The Moist Maker.

There’s no right way to build your own Moist Maker but you can check out how Spoon Fork Bacon made their version here.

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