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Swimsuit Competition Recreates ‘Last Supper’ Sparking Major Outrage

An annual swimsuit competition in Brazil, the Miss Bumbum Pageant, is facing some major heat from religious leaders this past week after the magazine recreated the iconic “Last Supper” painting with models in bikinis, reports Maxim.

Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th Century, the work of art is considered one of history’s greatest religious masterpieces, depicting Jesus Christ’s last meal with his followers before his crucifixion. The newest take on that features eight models, in place of Christ and his disciples, wearing bikinis and posing ‘butts out’ to the camera.

Cacau Oliver, the pageant’s creator, told the Daily Mail that the biblical scenario was intended to recreate the tense atmosphere of the competition. Oliver went on to say that the photo took place during the “last” meeting of the women before heading into the grand finale of the competition.

Sexy Jesus herself, Daiana Fegueredo, issued a public apolgoy for the image. The model, pictured at the center of the piece, said she grew up Catholic and considers the photo blasphemy. Fegueredo says that ever since the shoot, she’s regretted being a part of the controversial image. She told the Daily Mail:

“We went too far. We were part of a great sin.”

The biggest sin, judging from the image, are the models sitting bare bottom on perfectly good food. Such as waste.


In-N-Out Is PISSED At This Model And Here’s Kobe’s Favorite Food [THE KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This week, we find out what former Kobe Bryant’s favorite dish of all time is. A Vietnamese restaurant created a Pho-inspired Banh Mi French Dip that’s insanely good. This bakery in North Carolina created a blunt-shaped donut just for Snoop Dogg.

Diners were horrified when the dead eel they were grilling up came to life at the dinner table. Finally, In-N-Out Burger is pissed after they saw this model wasting perfectly good milkshakes on her boobs.

Check out the Katchup!


This Is The One Dish Kobe Bryant Loves More Than Anything


As the “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant calls it quits, once and for all, we want to remember the food that fueled the greatest basketball player in the world. Apparently, Kobe’s favorite dish of all time is…Read more.

Banh Mi French Dip with Pho


A restaurant in Santa Ana, CA, is doing a pretty unique take on the classic French Dip. Sit Low Pho, found in the 4th Street Market is selling a Vietnamese-inspired dip. While the original is made with a roast beef in a French baguette and served with an au jus dip. This version consists of a few more ingredients. Read more.

This Bakery Made Blunt-Shaped Donuts For Snoop

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.30.13 PM

North Carolina bakery Wake N’ Bake Donuts made sure to make Snoop Dogg’s trip to Wilmington, North Carolina worth it. In order to honor his appearance and performance at the Azalea Festival, the small donut shop (clearly named and started by marijuana enthusiasts) decided to make a donut specifically for, quite possibly, the oldest rapper alive, Snoop D-O-double-G. Read more.

This Dead Eel Comes To Life At The Dinner Table And Freaks Out Everybody

dead eel

You don’t often expect your food to fight back at a restaurant, so this video of a slithering dead eel In Seoul, South Korea will probably give you the willies, or at the very least make you cringe. Read more.

In-N-Out Burger’s Pissed That This Model Poured Milkshake On Her Boobs


It’s not unusual for a photographer, or videographer to have a model cover herself in food, but it’s not often that the featured food fires back in anger.

Model Abigail Ratchford was in a pretty “taste”-ful video that involved her playing with a bunch of In-N-Out food while wearing a cleavage-accenting swim suit. Read more.


The Pizza Bikini Is The Only Swimsuit You’ll Ever Need Ladies


Pyknic clothing brand is selling this glorious pizza bikini.

You can buy the top HERE and the bottoms HERE, each piece is selling for $32. Good lord, it’s a thing of beauty. I’ve never been so attracted to a swim suit in my life! What, is that a weird thing to say? Oh no — I crossed a line didn’t I?



Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things


Breathtaking Photos of Models Wearing Nothing But Spilled Milk [NSFW]


Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has wielded together the power of high-speed photography, nude chicks and delicious milk to create a breathtaking series of pin-ups. The project was inspired by the classic pin-ups from the 40’s and 50’s and will end in a compilation of 12 photos for a 2014 “Milky Pin-Ups Calendar.”

The allusion of models wearing milk is created by layering splashes from hundreds of photographs. Each individual photo requires the model to be splashed with actual milk, the image caught with the help of high speed strobes. None of the milk featured in Wieczorkiewicz’s work is illustrated. Instead, a lot of patience from both the photographer and model is required.

As for the lucky bloke who gets to pour milk on nude ladies all day? Gosh, do we feel sorry for him.






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Artist Builds Model City From Potatoes

It took artist Peter Root three weeks to create his city of potatoes with nothing more than a knife, a bicycle repair kit, 176 pounds of potatoes, and a dream. Root’s cityscape, which he named Plot, was created in Istanbul, Turkey. Though Plot was not modeled directly from from the Istanbul, Root says that he’s taken certain aspects of the city into the design.

“I chose potatoes because they are available in abundance and are amazing things to sculpt with,” Root told The Sun. The British artist felt there were so many different ways to work with potatoes because of it’s various densities.

Root put a meticulous amount of detail into the city’s skyscrapers, city blocks, buildings, mosques, and hundreds of windows. He also added that, “I didn’t have to peel all of them because I decided to leave the skin on some of them to encourage them to sprout and grow shoots.

via: The Sun Photos: Peter Root