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Major Grocers Are Now Adding Self-Serve Mochi Ice Cream Bars To Select Stores

Earlier this year, Whole Foods made waves when it began incorporating self-serve mochi ice cream bars into some of its stores across the country. The thought of grab-and-go handheld ice cream was extremely appealing to customers, and the Amazon-owned grocer’s rivals took notice. Now, several of them are beginning to incorporate their own self-serve mochi ice cream bars as well.

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The self-serve stations are being operated by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, who was already producing the treats for stores. Companies like Albertson’s, Wegmans, Pavilions, and even Kroger are implementing the on-the-go ice cream for customers to get experiences similar to that of Whole Foods. You can simply select the number you want out of the freezer, which contains multiple flavors of mochi ice cream, and then purchase them on your way out.

Currently, the My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream stations are only available in select stores, but you can use this locator to find one near you. Hopefully, as this trend of portable mochi ice cream persists, more stores at both Whole Foods and its competitors will begin implementing these self-serve mochi ice cream stations.

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Whole Foods Has An EPIC New Self-Serve Mochi Bar

I hope you’re sitting down while reading this, just so you can immediately get back up and rush out to Whole Foods.

If they don’t have one already, your local Whole Foods Market may be getting a self-serve mochi ice cream station soon. We went to investigate, and yep, it was as satisfying as we imagined it would be.

If you aren’t familiar with mochi, it is a traditional Japanese sweet rice cake that can be molded with ice cream, or other fillings to create a bite sized, sweet dessert.

At any given time, Whole Foods will have at least a dozen flavors for you to go absolutely HAM over. This includes the classic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea, plus an indulgent raspberry white chocolate, sakura, mango, and much much more to drool over.

At this time, there are only a handful of self-serve mochi bars in Southern California, Las Vegas, Wheaton, IL and their flagship store in Austin, Texas.

Priced at $2 per mochi, or $20 for a baker’s dozen, you can take your ice cream obsession as far as you’re willing to go! Just try your hardest not to sample all the flavors and put them back half eaten. Don’t be that guy.


Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip Mochi Ice Cream Finally Available in the U.S.


Last September, we griped about yet another Japanese-exclusive treat we desperately wished we could wrap our tastebuds around: Cookies and Cream ice cream mochi. Well folks, it seems the food industry gods have actually answered our prayers. Grocery store brand Mikawaya has just announced a line-up of five new flavors of mochi ice cream, including Black Sesame, Matcha Green Tea, Plum Wine, Mint Chocolate Chip, and yes, Cookies & *freaking* Cream.

Available in stores like Trader Joe’s and Albertson’s, the Mikawaya line now features 12 flavors of the starchy, sticky Japanese treat, available in packs of six in the freezer section.

“Cookies and Cream, and Mint Chip are two of the top six flavors worldwide,” Mikawaya’s President Joel Friedman said in a press release, “And given the truly authentic traditional Asian nature of Plum Wine, Matcha Green Tea and Black Sesame, we felt they were perfect additions to our lineup.”


The Mikawaya online store doesn’t seem to be updated just yet, but when it is, online customers can also download a coupon for .75 cents off and receive a free Mikawaya mochi t-shirt with purchase.