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Little Caesars Just Launched A Pizza Locker That Lets You Avoid Human Interaction

Photo courtesy of Little Caesars

Little Caesars Pizza is the one spot I go to whenever I want to put in the least amount of work to fulfill my pie cravings. The brand’s Hot-N-Ready menu makes it super convenient when I’m starving after work and just want to grab something quick before hopping back on the freeway home. The only minor inconvenience, during the afternoon rush, is that sometimes I’d have to wait in line — something the pizza chain now has an easy fix for.

In what they’re calling a first for the restaurant industry, Little Caesars just announced the national rollout of their Pizza Portal pickup. The Pizza Portal station is essentially a self-heated locker that lets customers roll through a location and pick up a mobile order without ever having to speak to anyone.

They’re pretty similar to Amazon lockers.

All you have to do is place your order through the mobile app, pick your store, and pay for it. Once you arrive, you can skip the counter and and enter either a 3-digit pin or scan a QR code directly into the station and the secured compartment will unlock, giving you access to your hot order.

If successful, the Pizza Portal pickup could skyrocket the convenience of Little Caesars pizza to a whole new level.

Piping food in hand, you’re pretty much in and out before traffic even begins to clear. That’s fine, though. Pizza tastes best when you’re in a parked car bumpin’ Josh Groban.

Fast Food Technology

Lyft Now Has A ‘Taco Mode’ That Lets You Make A Taco Bell Pitstop

Photo: Taco Bell

Taco Bell has announced a new partnership with Lyft that’ll surely please anyone with the late-night munchies hoping to grab some fast food on their way home.

The ride share app will now feature a “Taco Mode” that activates with the push of a button. Taco Mode allows customers to visit The Bell on their way home. Some lucky riders will even get free swag and tacos during the limited promotion.

Taco Mode testing is currently underway in Orange County, CA, where Taco Bell Headquarters resides. The collaboration between the two brands will be available between July 27-29 and August 3-5. It will only be open from the hours of 9pm to 2am. Whether the Lyft driver gets to indulge on that Taco Bell goodness remains to be seen.

Now that Lyft has Taco Bell on lock, we wonder if they’re open to partnering up with any fried chicken spots. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?


This Simple Promotion Will Get You Free 7-Eleven Coffee For A Week

711 Coffee Free

Grabbing a cup of hot coffee every morning reallys add up. Though, if you’re not really a morning person, it’s kind of a necessity for the commute. A week of free coffee would be great on the wallet.

If you’re a member of the 7Rewards program, you’re set for a whole week. You can join by downloading the app and registering it on your mobile device. Then, just redeem the specific free week of coffee coupon and get your drinks.

Members will get a free hot beverage of any size for seven days in October. Hot coffees include fresh brewed coffee, cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate.

The promotion will be available beginning Oct. 12 through Oct. 18.


Fast Food

Taco Bell Becomes First Fast Food Chain To Launch A Certified Vegetarian Menu


Taco Bell has been dominating the fast food game for the last few years and now they’ve added another accomplishment to their list. The company has now become the first quick service restaurant chain to feature the American Vegetarian Association’s approval on vegetarian menu items.

Business Wire reports that the fast food company will now boast a vegetarian menu option for patrons who don’t eat meat. The menu launched today on the company’s mobile-ordering app

The 13 American Vegetarian Association-certified items include a 7-Layer Burrito and a Cantina Power Veggie Bowl and a Cantina Power Veggie Burrito. It also includes an Egg & Cheese Biscuit Taco for breakfast lovers.

In conjunction with the menu, Taco Bell’s mobile app allows for complete customization of vegetarian menu options.



7-Eleven Is Giving Away Free Food EVERY WEEKEND Of August


Did you know there was a 7-Eleven mobile app? You might want to look into it. On Aug. 1, the convenience store chain will give away a bunch of freebies every weekend. They’re calling them FREEkends (get it?).

All you have to do is download the 7-Eleven mobile app and sign up for the 7Rewards program. In the “Scan and Save” section, a new offer will appear at noon Central Time every Saturday this August. Customers just need to present the item with the 7-Eleven app at the register to be scanned.

The FREEkend freebies are:

  • Aug 1-2, medium Fanta® Slurpee® drink
  • Aug. 8-9, Juicy Fruit® Starburst® gum
  • Aug. 15-16, medium Fanta® Slurpee® drink
  • Aug. 22-23, SNICKERS® Brand Singles Bar (1.76 – 1.78oz)
  • Aug. 29-30, Butterfinger® bar (1.9oz)

No purchases are necessary to get your free items and the app will even let you know how the percentage of free items still in stores. Y’know, so you can gauge if it’s worth it leaving the house for a free Snickers.



KFC Developed A Keyboard That Keeps Phones Free Of Chicken Grease


Texting is the last thing you should be doing when eating fried chicken. Speaking from experience, the grease marks on your phone will never truly go away. Kentucky Fried Chicken Germany has developed a way for patrons to text and enjoy their chicken without ever getting their phones oily.

By creating a tray liner keyboard, the fried chicken chain has allowed customers to easily text their loved ones without even touching their phones. All they have to do is connect the keyboard tray to their mobile device through bluetooth and they can type away as they eat.

Once they’re done, the board can simply be wiped clean, recharged and reused. The concept was tested at a location in Germany. While successful, people had a habit of taking the devices home.

Understandable, but kind of a bummer.


Domino’s Is Actually A Tech Company That Just Happens To Serve Pizza


When you hear the name “Domino’s” your mind automatically starts building your favorite pizza. The pizza brand has become synonomous with fast-casual pizza. With each innovation the company has developed in recent years has anyone noticed that Domino’s has slowly positioned themselves as a tech company?

The pizza company has made amazing strides in the past decade. Domino’s has gone from selling acceptable fast-food pizza to revamping their entire recipe in 2009 down to the crust. Here’s the thing, it worked.

Sauce is good. Crust is good. Pizza’s good. 

Now that they’ve knocked out the recipe, Domino’s seems to have more time to focus on the tech aspect of the company. Nope, you heard it correctly. Tech.


It began with a newly designed website that allows patrons to track their orders. A simple solution to the restless patrons hungrily waiting for their pies to be delivered.

Customers could even customize their trackers, picking the theme and chef. From there, the pizza process was summed up in five steps from placing an order, prepping the pie, baking, quality check and having it ready.

The pizza chain didn’t stop there, however. With the advent of mobile technology, Domino’s was one of the earliest fast food companies to take advantage of the platform.


Image: PRNewswire

Eventually, more platforms arrived at the scene. Domino’s began to expand its presence even further.

Utilizing voice commands, Domino’s personal Siri-like assistant “Dom” will take your order for you through an Android Wear watch. Scarily convenient enough, Dom isn’t limited to the confines of your smart watch. Rather, the AI software is accessible through various platforms including Ford SYNC cars and Samsung TV sets in what they call the “Anywhere” program.

Imagine watching a movie in the comfort of your own home. When the hunger sets in, all you have to do is push a few buttons and a pizza is on its way to your home. Movement is set to a bare minimum.

Domino’s is doing all their tech development in-house.

The company has dedicated an entire department to creating apps to accompany multiple platforms instead of opting for a 3rd party solution.

Domino’s has since made its presence known as an ‘e-commerce’ company that just-so-happens to sell pizza pies. The company has taken advantage of multiple platforms and appears to be growing with the every technological opportunity that presents itself.

Domino’s has announced plans to introduce themselves to more platforms this year. As of 2014, Domino’s has an estimated worth of $32.9 billion.


‘Reserve’ App Completely Manages Your Restaurant Experience


The fine-dining experience can often leave you flustered if you’re new to that world. Usually, things like recommendations and reservations can be a tad overwhelming. Because relying on technology is all the rage now (Black Mirror, anyone?), there’s an app that will completely take the wheel of your fine-dining experience. It’s called Reserve.

From recommending a restaurant to dine in to making a reservation for you, Reserve takes care of everything. The app will also pay for you and pretty much show you a night on the town. It kind of sounds like Reserve is taking you out on a date. Which is exactly what’s happening. If you bring someone along, they’ll more than likely be third-wheeling it.

The only work you’ll have to do is a few finger swipes and chewing your food. You might also have to put out, after.

Reserve can be found on both iPhone and Androids.