M&M's: New Pretzel Center

Sweet chocolate and salty pretzels, could the two opposites come together even more harmoniously? I can hear angels sing every time I have the combo and these new M&M’s were not too off track. When I go on a Blockbuster run I always see the weird new flavors M&M’s come out with. Most are not too great from what I’ve tried so far but these Pretzel M&M’s are pretty good. Definetly worth a try and I would buy them again.

Cravings Sweets

Chocolate Cheerio M&M Cocoa Krispie Cake

You always need a little pick me up when your studying, and this does the trick. This crazy cake is made out of semisweet chocolate chips, butter, mini marshmallows, chocolate cheerios, cocoa krispies, peanuts, and colorful mini M&M’s! Most definitely a great pick me up during finals! (Thx TCEOO)


Gown Made From Recycled M&M Wrappers

This incredible dress was made for TerraCycle’s display of recycled art, and it serves as a good reminder of how wonderful recycling can be. It is made completely of Peanut M&M wrappers, man seeing this on the hot M&M girl character would be awesome! (Thx IT)


M&M's Skill Set Pack

Built for the serious M&M enthusiast. Set includes 2 YoYo’s, 1 frisbee, 1 Paddleball. Available in Blue or Red for $34.95 via the M&M official online web store.


M&M's Jumbo Yo-Yo With Laser Lights

Interested in revisiting a childhood pasttime? Revisit Walk the Dog and Rock the Baby with these M&M Yo-Yos. The toys are 3″ and they light up when used to make sure that no one misses a second of your unparalleled yo-yoing skills. Available in green, blue and red for $10 at M&M’s World.