Artist Uses 1000 Cheetos to Create Portrait of ‘Carl the Minion’ from Despicable Me


What’s better than having Cheetos residue on your hands? Having it on your wall.

Jason Baalman, a greasy-fingered artist from Colorado Springs, Colo., immortalizes famous people with everyone’s favorite pseudo-cheese snack. He’s created Cheeto portraits of Rachael Ray, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Conan O’Brien and Cee Lo Green’s cat. His most recent venture is a 3’x4’ depiction of the Despicable Me minion named Carl, one of the movie’s most beloved characters.


The $500 masterpiece was completed in 50 hours using a hefty amount of glue and more than 1,000 crunchy orange larvae. Now, Frito-Lay North America is giving it away.

Last Monday, the Cheetos giveaway began, inviting fans to tweet #CheetosDM2 at @ChesterCheetah on Twitter. On July 3, one lucky cheese fiend with orange fingers and a greasy iPhone will be announced the winner of the Cheeto-fied Carl. Get the official rules here.


Drunken Media Coverage of Tonight’s Debate…Brought to You by Budweiser?


As President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney face-off for the third and final presidential debate, Anheuser-Busch InBev will be working their magic behind the scenes.


2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

The 2012 Presidential Showdown kicks off at 6 pm (Pacific time) this evening. I’m expecting a spectacular face-off of blood, sweat and tears as Obama swings a left hook for the 47% and Romney calls for a 2-minute time out. As one of the most highly anticipated debates since Slick Willy and Bush Sr., you’ll want to make sure to catch all of the political action.

Of course, this is also the perfect opportunity to get your Democrat and Republican friends together for a grand ‘ol presidential drinking game. You know, the kind where you drink every time your candidate says, “I believe in America ” or “The economy.” The Rules: Take a hearty swig every time your candidate utters any of the above (see image) words or phrases.

Warning, expect to get severely inebriated and for red, white and blue sparks to fly tonight. Ah, America.


Via Cheezburger



Mitt Romney Accidentally Insults Local Bakery – #CookieGate Ensues

Mitt Romney Cookiegate #cookiegate insults local bakery 7-eleven bethel bakery

We tend to stay out of politics for the most part, but when a presidential candidate spits hot fire (convection level heat) toward a local bakery, the line has been crossed. When sitting down for a televised round table (er, picnic table) on Tuesday, April 17th in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, Romney accidentally ended up insulting a cookie spread from an established local bakery AND 7-Eleven baked goods at the same time. And if you’re wondering how talented Romney’s prose has to be to insult both parties at once, check this out.

I’m not sure about these cookies. They don’t look like you made them…they came from the local 7-Eleven…bakery or wherever.

If you’re wondering about the intonation of the over-politicized sound byte – make sure to check out the video below brought to you by Pittsburgh news station WPXI.

Bethel Bakery, the local sweets dealer that provided the cookie spread, while unamused, took the publicity and ran with it – establishing a “CookieGate” special (now over) – buy a dozen cookies, get a half-dozen free. At least the bakery understood the once-in-a-business-lifetime publicity opportunity and ran with it. The owner of Bethel Bakery, John Walsh, did land a jab towards Romney when he followed with a sound byte of his own and said, “Let him eat cake next time.”

7-Eleven spokesperson Margaret Chabris disregarded Romney’s cookie comment as negative (as the proper PR response should!) and ended up throwing out some statistical figure about convenience store cookies that really doesn’t matter. Although we still love the Slurpees. And the buffalo rollers. And the new bacon & cheese potato stix. Damn, you still got us!

Nevertheless, both 7-Eleven and Bethel Bakery have sent Romney cookies that he will never see, but at least some of the door-knocking, phone-banking, sticker-distributing volunteers will get to have a Hunger Games free-for-all. Winner gets to eat the cookies from Bethel. Well, at least that’s what I imagine happening — but what a distraction to the party and the convention.