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Starbucks x Teavana Roll Out Green Tea Miso Soup and Tea Smoothies


At Teavana Tea Bars, you can drink your teas and eat them too.

Earlier this week, Starbucks brand Teavana opened its latest Tea Bar location in Beverly Hills, toting along a slew of new menu items perfect for its fancy new digs. Sure there are a few duds, like the Butternut Squash Couscous Salad and Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, that don’t contain nearly enough caffeine. But the rest of the line more than makes up for it.

There’s the Sparkling Kona Breeze Iced Tea, a blend of Teavana’s Pineapple Kona Pop, Peach Tranquility Tea, and carbonated pineapple coconut water. There’s the Apple Oolong Chia Fresca: oolong and pu-erh with apple juice and chia seeds.

Most exciting though are the tea smoothies and Genmaicha Green Tea Miso Tea Soup: true tea lovers’ soggy tea bag wet dreams. The smoothies are blended with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, with flavors including Mixed Berry, Banana Chai, and Matcha Avocado, while the soup features a miso and ginger broth that’s been spiked with genmaicha (brown rice green tea) and loaded with tofu, spinach, and scallions.

According to a press release, the new menu will also be available at the Teavana tea bars in Chicago, New York, and Seattle.


The K-Cup of Miso Soup Has Been Invented


Remember when Campbell Soup entered the K-Cup game and rolled out with single-serve soup pods you could whip up for lunch? Well, Japan just took it to the next level with Marukome’s latest invention: a Keurig-like machine that dispenses single bowls of piping hot miso soup. All at the touch of a button.

Miso soup and white rice make up an integral part of a traditional Japanese breakfast and the new product, “One Shot,” seeks to become an essential item in every kitchen. The system can make up to 75 bowls of miso soup per package and even enables users to control the strength of the miso flavor per serving. Additional dehydrated vegetables and seafood are on deck, with miso soup prices ranging from 980 to 1,480 yen ($9.40 to $14.20 US).

The instant miso soup machine will retail for 9,800 yen ($94) and hits shelves towards the end of January. It’s just a matter of time before K-Cup clam chowder and chili become a thing. How? You ask to many questions.

H/T + Picthx RocketNews24


Miso Soup Dispensers Are the Espresso Machines of Soup


Looks like miso soup has edged out espresso as the preferred office pick-me-up — at least in Japan, where miso soup maker Marukome has introduced a machine that turns packets of prepackaged miso soup into individualized bowls of the salty, delicious heaven. The machine (marketed as the “Wan Shot” to play off of both the English idiom and the Japanese word for soup bowl) is targeted towards small restaurants or professional offices that consume between fifty to a hundred bowls of miso soup a day, so it’s a wise investment for any office looking to up their employee satisfaction. The Wan Shot comes with a default miso soup flavor but offers up to eight other varieties that can be purchased separately.

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Miso Ice Cream

An ice cream that’s noted to taste like “a cross between miso soup, soy sauce, and salted caramel”. While not on the top of my list of “desserts to try before I die,” I can definitely see the merit behind the flavors. Imagine serving this beside something a bit more sweet, a slice of apple pie maybe, or some cookies, or slapped on some cake? The recipe is available in its entirety on our friend Stef’s blog, for you courageous folks who wish to give its creation a try!

Ice cream that tastes like a cross between miso soup, soy sauce, and salted caramel can shock people.  You’ll find that most will not want a super-sized waffle cone of miso ice cream.  Instead, miso ice cream is best served alongside another dessert.  A small dollop of miso ice cream would be a welcomed addition to a pear torte, an apple cobbler, or a plate of gingersnap cookies.  It could also be piled on top or on the side of your favorite Asian-inspired cupcake (you’ll see my pick in the next post).